She Shiman Wensongxian opened a New Year’s party, qi dressed as a tiger too happy, Zhou Jiawei was soup Yingying bite scalp

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On February 3, She sheman threw a New Year’s party with her best friends, including Wen Songxian and Zhou Jiawei, which was shared on social media.TVB has a famous seven Witch sisters, including Charlene Sheh, Soon-han Man, Leong Jingqi, Chung Liki, Ying Ying Tang, Yao Loyi and Chow Ka Wei.All of them have different career development, but they are very close to each other and often get together in private.Just in time for The Spring Festival, the seven Witch sisters are out again, they hold a party in the mansion of one of the sisters.Unfortunately, Miss Yao lok Yi and Miss Chung did not attend because they had other things to do.Play sex big bestie, together play tiger scene joy.However, Soup yingying is too serious, directly bite zhou Jiawei’s scalp, let Zhou Jiawei could not help but make fun of her, pretending to be a tiger, do not bite the scalp, the face is crooked.In the exposed photos, Sheh Sheman is dressed in a colorful Tang suit and jeans, dressed casually.Already 46 years old, her skin is fair and tight, but her figure shows a little fat, probably because of the good food during the Chinese New Year.She Sheman is the best career development in boudoir honey group, but also feelings experience the most bumpy, many times of love failed to end.However, she still has hopes for love, and in the New Year, may she find her Mr Right.With a baby face and a black top, She looks as if she will never age. At 45, she still looks like a teenager.Last month, she finally announced her comeback after a long time without acting. She has not revealed what subject matter she will shoot for the time being.Liang jingqi dressed in a long red Tang suit, the style is very festive.Pregnant with her second child and seven months pregnant, she dominated the group photo, surrounded by her sisters.She is about to become a mother again, and her career is getting a breakthrough.She participated in the TV series “Family Glory” in the mainland after broadcast, the heat is quite high, she played the role of Miss Ma family four also attracted attention, success in the mainland to open the popularity.Dyed a head of blonde tang Yingying, when young, often played the villain, since becoming a mother, temperament has become gentle, every time the camera smile sweet, give a person a very kind feeling.Zhou Jiawei last year figure fat, once suspected by netizens pregnant, so she is very hard to lose weight, the appearance of a lot of obvious slimming, leg is very slender, quite eye.New Year party, of course, can not leave the children, Zhou Jiawei’s son, Liang Jingqi’s son and tang Yingying’s daughter, etc., have appeared.Everyone inherited good genes from their parents and grew very cute.Who will follow in the footsteps of their parents and enter the entertainment industry?