The simple method of spring cake, as thin as cicada wings, roll vegetables roll meat are delicious, soft

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Spring begins today, according to the customs of the people today is to eat the ripening, outside can’t buy the ripening some friends will try to do the ripening at home, today I will share the ripening xiaoling simple approach, as thin as cicada, volume volume meat are gaga delicious, easy to learn, we learn together the ingredients list bread flour, cooking oil, salt, egg white, warm detailed step 1:First we prepared five 500 g strong flour, no bread flour used can also into all-purpose flour, add 4 grams of salt and increase the reinforcement of flour, add an egg white fully mixing, we use 280 ml warm water with noodles, don’t you once filled, to one-sided stir, stir until no too much dry flour into surface water, we’re launching knead into dough,Cover the dough and let it stand for 10 minutes.2: Ten minutes later, put the dough on the board and knead it until it is smooth and delicate, and knead it into a dough of moderate hardness. Smear the dough surface with cooking oil to lock the moisture, and put it into a plastic bag to wake for 1 hour.The dough is divided into two parts on the panel. Then we take a piece of dough agent and rub it into strips, cut it with a knife into something bigger than the dough agent of the steamed stuffed bun. Press each dough agent flat by hand, roll it into dumpling skin with a rolling pin, brush the surface of the dumpling skin with cooking oil and sprinkle some dry flour.Top and then covered with a surface of the wrappers to brush evenly on cooking oil and more dry flour, above the cover on one piece of the wrappers, repeat operation, the stack of 5-10 can, reoccupy hand according to the flat, thin on the panel, a pressure with a rolling pin voltage, to press against the front and the size of its thickness is uniform, the agent of another face also such operation can only 4:After surface agent out into the steamer, cover on the boiling water pot steamed, steam for 15 minutes, steamed up open the lid, played a big bubble surface, the air a little bit about the can eat, if asked for a better look at some of the above can buckle on a larger plates, cut with a knife edge, the redundant face off, and then place the ripening opened one by one,Our spring cake is finished, roll box dish roll meat is very delicious, skin thin as paper, soft is not very simple, as long as you also according to this method to do spring cake want to fail are difficult oh, the method is simple and easy to learn, you also do to the family taste it!I’m Xiaoling. I wish all my friends a happy beginning of Spring and a prosperous career.Follow me if you like my food!We see each other every day, oh!Welcome to like, follow, forward and favorites, thank you for your support!I’ll see you next time