Whether a woman is worth marrying or not, these few performances are enough, very accurate

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To marry a person is not to choose beautiful, nor honest, we should take a comprehensive look at a person’s performance, can not deny or identify each other because of one thing, a woman is the soul of a home, marry the wrong woman, a man’s life will fly chicken fly dog jump.Most men are visual animals, they like beautiful women, but forget the purpose of a wife.So, how do we see whether a woman is worth marrying? It is enough to see the following several performances, very accurate.01. Is there any independent economic ability most women think they get married, then have to rely on, will be fully on the man’s body, in fact, it often can let a man get mad, they also hope someone can help you to share the burden of life, if the woman did not have the economic strength, completely dependent on a man, then marriage will be a feather.After marriage, a man has to support four or five people, which is by no means simple, while a woman must have independent economic ability, which is the opportunity for women and men to stand side by side, and also the performance of two people to move forward hand in hand. Otherwise, the woman will easily be left behind by the man, and they will lose the common language.After all, men also have their own difficulties, they also want someone to help them. Therefore, if women do not have the ability to face the wind and rain independently, everything depends on men, men will be upset, even bored.Two people together is to live better, but this is not the reason for a person not to work hard, especially for women, marriage is not a woman’s shelter, only themselves.And a man chooses his other half, also want to see whether the other party has the ability to face the wind and rain independently, otherwise will become their own burden.There will always be a lot of unexpected things happen in considerate life, and not everyone will hold themselves in the palm of their hands. It is normal to encounter setbacks. If a woman encounters unfair treatment, she will hold a grudge, and her life will be difficult to calm down.When choosing the other half, a man should consider whether the other side is generous, whether he can stand in different positions to consider the problem, whether he can tolerate people around him. Choosing a considerate woman is like having the treasure of the town.In the past, we always used to think of each other too perfect, but everyone has shortcomings, if the other party can not accept your shortcomings, then even two people together will be conflicted, only willing to tolerate your shortcomings of the woman is a man should marry.They know your good points, but they can also tolerate your bad points. No matter what life turns out to be, they are willing to go through life hand in hand with you. Such a woman is still extremely cute even if her appearance level is not high.When a man chooses a woman, do not always look at each other’s appearance, only the heart is kind and brave, considerate, dare to face the wind and rain of life, such a woman can accompany a man to go through life.For those who just want to rely on a man, will completely throw their own woman on the man, the man must hide point, after all, life is not easy, who also do not want a burden.