It’s a second home temperature

2022-06-06 0 By

Spring Festival this year, in the bund, nanjing road pedestrian street environment cleaning of huangpu rubbish collectors and armoured usual, no home for Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival so they hold on jobs, today (February 14), huangpu district xin yi sanitation company specially held the “Lantern Festival pass warmth, love is a ray of land” warm heart activity,Let migrant workers feel the warmth of “home far away, love beside”.The leaders of the company extend holiday greetings to the sanitation workers, thanking them for giving up their small homes all the time, for everyone, stick to their posts, and pay silently for the clean environment of the city.Bowls of hot tangyuan were served, and we tasted the yuanxiao dumplings from our second hometown, as well as the Shanghai temperature of a big family.Photography is by Yang Jianzheng