Linyi will provide free HPV vaccination to 18,000 school-age girls in the county

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, at the first meeting of the 18th People’s Congress of Linyi County, the NPC deputies voted to determine the top ten practical projects concerning people’s livelihood in Linyi County in 2022, and the HPV vaccination program is one of them.From 2022, Linyi will promote free HPV2 vaccine for girls aged between 9 and 14 throughout the county to protect women’s health.The program is divided into two steps: the first step will cover the previous population, namely, free vaccination for eligible girls aged 9-14 in 2022;The second step is to include regular vaccinations, which will be free of charge only for girls of vaccination age each year.On February 11th, The Health Bureau of Linyi County and the Education and Sports Bureau of Linyi County issued the Implementation Plan of HPV Vaccination Program for school-age girls in Linyi County.On February 14, the Health bureau of Linyi County held a special meeting to discuss the implementation plan of HPV vaccination program for school-age girls and arrange the next step.Free this vaccine immunization project, domestic price of 2 HPV vaccine in principle, in a unified manner by the linyi county government procurement, distribution, according to the principle of “informed consent and voluntary free” the implementation of vaccination, scope of implementation for the county 9 township, three neighborhood offices, vaccination object for ages 9-14, and there is no history of HPV vaccination of girls in school.According to statistics, the county is currently eligible for vaccination of about 18,000 girls of age, the government will invest more than 14 million yuan of funds.At present, the work has begun to launch publicity, into the preparatory stage, is expected to start in April.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of inoculation, the county health bureau, education and Sports bureau will organize training courses, Linyi County disease control center will choose experienced professional technical backbone teacher team, inoculation units and schools related personnel targeted training.Vaccination is administered in localized manner by the township health center (community health Service Center) where the school is located. Vaccination is carried out in strict accordance with the Regulations for Vaccination and the requirements of the vaccine instructions.During the on-site vaccination, the child vaccination certificate, informed consent, ID card (household registration book) will be checked, and the recipient’s name, date of birth, HPV vaccination history and other relevant information will be checked.”The introduction of free HPV vaccination will help improve women’s health as a whole and improve basic health services.At present, the HPV vaccination rate of the appropriate age group in China is less than 1%. Our county carries out free HPV vaccination for girls of appropriate age, which is in the forefront of the city and even the province.The county will promote the livelihood project in an orderly and powerful way to ensure that every school-age girl can enjoy the welfare and deliver a satisfactory result to the people.”Linyi county party secretary Zhang Qi said.