Ningling, Henan province: Spring ploughing spring pipe is the busy production of science and technology

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Top news • Henan Business Daily reporter Wu Wenhao correspondent Song Tao Wang Weijie article/picture “you see, I planted wheat seedling situation is much better, while the weather is good now, seize the time to fertilize wheat, management and protection, is conducive to improving output.”Shangqiu Ningling County Town shiwa village grain farmer Shi Ruijie looked at the growth of happy wheat said happily.The earth warm spring farming busy, live up to the good time of spring.On February 9, reporters from Top news • Henan Business Daily saw in Ningling, Pear town, the vast fields of farmers living up to the spring as the temperature rose, grabbing the harvest time, spring pipe, spring ploughing, spring planting, the field is a scene of diligent early spring.Shiwa Village, Liuhe Town, Ningling County, has broad and flat country roads extending in all directions. Green wheat is covered on the horizon. A large self-propelled medicine dispensing machine “strides” in the fields, evenly sprinkling the mixture of water and fertilizer to the wheat fields.”Now the winter wheat has basically ended the overwintering state, will soon turn into the green stage jointing growth stage, into the early spring field peak.”The county agricultural and rural bureau agricultural technology promotion researcher Lu Houjun introduced.The top news, henan business newspaper the reporter understands, aiming rural agricultural bureau group agricultural technology experts into the fields, partition fragmentation survey wheat growth situation and existing problems, analysis production situation, carry out’s, soil moisture, inquiry of diseases and pests of targeted technical guidance, to farmers for all-round training and technical guidance, many forms of propaganda,We will guide farmers in implementing key measures to manage farmland and consolidate the foundation for a bumper harvest of summer grain.Up to now, Ningling county has completed 35,000 mu of topdressing, 12,000 mu of watering, and 20,000 mu of cultivation.The beginning of spring has just passed, pear farmers are busy everywhere in the pear orchard of Ningling County.At present, it is the critical period for pear tree re-cutting, agricultural technicians are guiding pear farmers to carry out scientific management, laying a solid foundation for high quality and high yield pear trees, to ensure a good harvest.”Pre-flower pruning is an important technical measure for spring management of pear trees. It is necessary to timely eradicate diseased and insect branches and appropriate old and weak branches, cross branches and overlapping branches to promote healthy growth of fruit branches and ensure yield at the same time, but also improve fruit quality.”Stone bridge town Guo Fork village agricultural material sales point director Xiao Yanlong is explaining pruning skills for pear farmers.It is understood that Ningling county on spring tillage preparation work to do early planning, early arrangements, early implementation.On the one hand, the timely dispatch of spring tillage and spring pipe agricultural resources, the transfer of scarce varieties, at the same time the maintenance and debugging of agricultural machinery, to ensure the production needs of spring tillage.On the other hand, more than 70 agricultural technology experts were organized to go deep into the fields and give on-site guidance to farmers in time to ensure the smooth development of spring ploughing and spring pipe work.At the same time, increase the QiangNong corresponding policy propaganda, propaganda banners printed more than 200, distributed technology understood more than 20000 copies of online and offline technical training 22 games, fully arouse the enthusiasm of peasants plowing production, initiative, stable masses “food bag” “vegetable basket”, for the agricultural increase production this year to lay a solid foundation, boost rural revitalization.