Operators like the mystery: leader treatment of the Internet, employee treatment of workers

2022-06-06 0 By

A lot of people’s understanding of operators still stay in the shallow understanding of deep pockets, although this situation was true 15 years ago, but today’s operators have long been not that rich kids lying to make money!The operating revenue of China Mobile + Telecom + Unicom in 2020 is 1.5 times that of Alibaba + Tencent in the same period, but the net profit is less than half of Alibaba + Tencent.The net profit of 3 persons is compared with industrial and commercial bank, also have tens of billions of gap!Although operators are not trend-leading enterprises, but it is generally believed that operators are still in a relatively high level of treatment.In fact, this is also do not understand the real situation of operators, will have such a wrong understanding.Although the three major operators are all super-large central enterprises, their leadership benefits are directly comparable to those of Internet company executives. For example, the annual compensation and welfare of the top operator in Guangdong is nearly 2 million yuan, and the annual compensation and welfare of the top operator in other provinces is also over 1 million yuan.It is a big mistake to assume that the remuneration package of leaders at all levels is equal to that of all employees.Or that Guangdong does example, the county company clerk of Guangdong operator, average annual income also controls 60 thousand yuan.If you are a salesperson in a remote area, the monthly salary is actually about 2,000 yuan, neither the favored child of Heaven as described by netizens, nor the carefree school of less work.All kinds of sweeping street or sweeping floor marketing round then round, regardless of holidays!We put the average salary of operators in 2020 announced to you, public financial statements show that the average salary of Telecom 234,000 yuan, mobile average 233,000 yuan, Unicom average 210,000 yuan, and the average out of the post bank 280,000 yuan.In fact, the office buildings of local operators can see the gap with the Internet or banks.We compare the business hall of each bank, in contrast to the business hall of the operator, various gaps are self-evident.The brilliance of Internet companies today is exactly the portraiture of operators 20 years ago.Why did operators fall from the skies of worship to the ground?Because the operator is not the direct link to contact users, lose the core position to make money!Even the gradually prosperous 5G, as well as the upcoming 6H, and even NG in the future, if it can not regain the center of the universe directly connected with users, then operators can only be more and more away from The Times!Operators’ executives do not represent the real salary level of the industry, and people’s word of mouth has been more and more deviated from the real situation.Pay rise for grass-roots staff has already shouted for many years, the country’s common prosperity has been fully implemented, for ordinary staff pay rise when can be really implemented?Expect to see salary increases for the rank and file a day earlier.