The south is full of rain and snow “pier pier freedom”, the north a new round of rain and snow is on the way

2022-06-06 0 By

These days, the south snow for many netizens and self-reliance has realized “the pier pier freedom” according to the national meteorological center: “over the past 10 days (30 January to February 8), southern YinYuXue weather, rainfall is a perennial noticeably more during this period, the among them, the southern jiangnan in southern and eastern and southern China, guizhou, yunnan and other places more 2 ~ 4 times.At the same time, in addition to the northwest of Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang in the northeast the same period the average temperature is on the high side 1 to 2 ℃, the average temperature in most of the rest parts of the country is in the same period is low, among them, the southern hunan, jiangxi, guangxi, guangdong, guizhou, yunnan central eastern and northern xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and other places on the low side of 3 to 4 ℃.”So will the rain and snow continue in the south?Let’s congratulate friends in the northern area of today (9 February) precipitation in most parts of the north into the break but the south still YinYuXue today and tomorrow weather in south China, south China and east have small to moderate rain in southwest parts of western guizhou, hunan and other places have a light snow or sleet local have freezing rain let’s take a look at the specific forecast on February 10th, left left left the euro 08 stylish until 11In northern xinjiang, eastern Tibet, northwest north eastern guizhou, west hubei and parts of eastern Inner Mongolia and other places have a small to moderate snow or sleet with snow in south China, southwest region in the southeastern Tibet local parts of most of the eastern and southern China Taiwan and other places have small to moderate rain on February 11, 8 to 12 08 east of eastern Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, jilin, in northern xinjiangAlong the tianshan mountains in northwest area, eastern Tibet, eastern, northern guizhou, west hubei parts of the northwest of hunan and other places have a small to moderate snow or sleet in which local in southeastern Tibet is snow jianghuai, jianghan, jiangnan, southwest parts of the eastern most of south China and Taiwan have a small to moderate rain, however, places such as north China this weekend will be cool weather the central meteorological station is expected to snow,From November 11 to 13, there will be light to moderate snow in northern Xinjiang, northwest China, Northern Part of Inner Mongolia and most of northeast China. Local heavy snow reminds people to pay close attention to the latest forecast and make preparations for cold protection and travel arrangements in advance