Chinese New Year!What kind of preparation have you done?

2022-06-07 0 By

What can we do to enhance the sense of ceremony for the New Year?1. Buy Spring Festival goods with your children.We might as well in the network shopping at the same time, with the children to go to the supermarket, the market to take a walk, for the arrival of the Spring Festival to do a preheat.The flavor of the New Year does not have to be rich, and the process of shopping with children can often make children really feel the arrival of the New Year.2. Prepare gifts for each family member.In the family, someone is willing to prepare a gift for the child, it is a very happy thing, the gift does not have to be expensive, can be a flower, can be a card, but the thought behind the gift is enough to let the child know that no matter what, we love and cherish each other.In the face of the cold winter, want to keep warm.Changan auchan X5 is equipped with the new Onstyle3.0 smart ecosystem, which can provide you with a full range of mobile phone remote control services.You just need to use the Auchan Style APP to start the car in advance and turn on the air conditioner before going out.This way, when you open the car door, you can feel as warm as a quilt, no longer restricted by the cold and feet, never give a chance to the cold air.One-button automatic air conditioning in the car, just press the AUTO button, the air conditioning will automatically adjust the air volume, temperature, mode, etc., according to the temperature difference between inside and outside the car and the intensity of sunlight, and also has a variety of intelligent modes, automatically maintain a constant temperature, travel can also feel like home comfort.Happy New Year to all