Enjoy the pleasure of professional driving control

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Do the commander of life Flagship road all seven SUVJeep xinda commander enjoy professional control efficient dynamic combination of all occasions Ethusiasm among both fuel economy of 3.0 T direct injection turbocharged engine and 9 speed automatic gearbox and perfect match to all conditions better power and efficiency of the combination, low speed, no hysteresis 7 people full power,Bring high performance of 7-seat SUV and fuel consumption performance under comprehensive working conditions as low as 8.1L.In addition to bringing the driver’s own sense of power self-confidence to further ensure smooth driving and fuel economy, professional four-wheel Drive system to ensure the safety of the whole road through and energy saving industry’s first Active Drive intelligent four-wheel Drive system with rear axle separation technology and has the same level of more abundant “automatic movement snowSand and mud “driving mode s-T road mode optional system combination of industry pioneer driving technology support in ordinary driving environment two-drive driving to ensure lower fuel consumption performance:At the same time, it seamlessly switches to the four-wheel drive state under 17 kinds of complicated urban road conditions, bringing better grip and passability, silently guarding your every journey with your family from February 20, 2022 to February 21, 2022