How bad can a fall be for an elderly person?Hint: Three foods to eat over 60

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Guide language: In life, we are not difficult to find such a phenomenon, that is a lot of parents with children will warn their children “don’t bump into grandparents, they fall down will be in trouble”.In fact, not only the elderly are afraid of falling, everyone is afraid of falling, but young people have strong bones, good muscle elasticity, and stronger, even if the fall will not be a big problem.Most elderly people have osteoporosis and low bone strength, which can easily lead to fractures after falls.Because the body is in a state of recession of each function in the elderly, fracture restore the health of young people should be more slowly, if the elderly with chronic diseases, combined with the need to stay in bed after fracture, not only can increase the original disease, even there will be other complications, not only affect the healing of fracture, can worsen existing disease.So just how bad is a fall in the elderly?Unlike younger people, older people’s bodies have a poor ability to repair themselves, so a fall can easily lead to a broken bone, and when an older person breaks a bone, there is no doubt that it will leave a deep wound.At the same time, broken bones are a big deal for older people.We can talk about it as early results and late results.Early results, if the old man in the hand was already weak, he happened to have broken a larger bone.Then the body would bleed out, and that would be a very serious thing to say.In order to facilitate understanding, we can cite an example, the femur fracture of a person will give 1000-1500 milliliters of blood, and the total blood volume of a person’s body is usually 4500-5000 milliliters, after femur fracture, one third of the blood volume of human body will be lost at a stroke, seriousness can be imagined.If it is multiple fractures, the consequences are unbearable, and may endanger life and health at any time.Then there is the trauma behind the fracture, which on the surface is just a fracture, but after the fracture, for example, the rib fracture, it can lead to damage to the chest and lung, often cutting into nerves, which is also very serious.At the same time, if more than one nerve is damaged, it is likely to cause necrosis of the body organs, resulting in paralysis.We attach great importance to the long-term complications, which are called the four killers in clinical practice. If a patient cannot leave bed because of serious fracture of lower limbs and must stay in bed, he will face four risks.What are the four risks?1, pendulous pneumonia, is lung infection, because the patient is not easy to cough after bed, especially if some patients with rib fractures and so on, he is difficult to cough, in this case, the lung may cause some accumulation of sputum, easy to cause an abdominal infection.2, urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection is the same because be in bed, the patient cannot stand up to undertake defecate, urinate, likely next uric tube, or local have some triumphant, very easy to cause retrograde sex infection, no matter male and female have this problem, cause urinary tract infection so, this is the second risk.3. Thrombosis, the risk of thrombosis is not only in the acute period after fracture, but also in the whole fracture treatment period. As long as the patient is bed-ridden and unable to move because of fracture, there is the risk of lower limb thrombosis, even pulmonary embolism, and when the thrombosis is serious, it is life-threatening.4, bedsore, bedsore is oppressive ulcer, especially in some parts of the bone, such as we lay on the bed, the pelvis, the calf fibula capitulum parts, and external ankle area, near the skin, skin thin parts, these parts is not active, long on the bed, it may cause some pressure skin damage, we call the bedsore.Because the old man lies in bed, the nutritional situation is not good, so it is easy to cause a very protracted wound, once infected, it is also very difficult to deal with.So we call these four killers, which are the four problems we must face in the late bed of fracture. Only when these four problems are overcome, can we talk about the rehabilitation and treatment of fracture.How bad can a fall be for an elderly person?Hint: over 60 years old, three kinds of food do not give up to eat 1, lean meat lean meat can complement qi, strengthen the body, nourishing Yin embellish dryness, suitable for malnutrition, disease after body deficiency, intestinal dryness constipation, Yin deficiency of people to eat;Can promote iron absorption, prevention and cure iron deficiency anemia;It can promote the regeneration of skin cells, improve skin health, prevent and cure eczema, oral ulcer, stomatitis and other skin and mucosal diseases.2, eggs the elderly can properly eat some eggs, can play a role in delaying aging.Eggs contain almost all the nutrients needed by the human body. One of the experiences of many long-lived elderly people to prolong life is to eat an egg every day.Many Chinese folk health medicated meals are inseparable from eggs, such as polythrum multiflorum boiled eggs, vinegar soaked eggs.3, green vegetables the elderly eat vegetables more benefits, more intake of green leafy vegetables is conducive to reducing the inflammatory response of the human body to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.Epidemiological studies have proved that people who eat more green leafy vegetables have a lower mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases, especially ischemic anemia. Potassium, calcium and magnesium in green leafy vegetables can resist the rise in blood pressure caused by sodium ions, and have a good effect on the prevention and control of hypertension.Conclusion: The health of the elderly is the most concerned problem of children, so in order to prevent children from worrying, you old friends must develop good eating habits and regular work and rest, so as to live younger and healthier.Healthy New Year