“Sweet honey” pu Zhi Jun: after 3 times of plastic surgery amazing people, hit the face of male star Sheng Yilun

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With the rise of cosmetic surgery, more and more people are going down a road of no return.It is said that there is no regret medicine in this world, after the plastic surgery overturned, many people want to restore to the former appearance.But when you take it out, there’s a lot of risk, and it’s almost impossible to recover.Unexpectedly, Lin Haoyang successfully counterattack, after the removal of prosthetic, his “mother born face” amazing people.Many fans lamented that if such a face had been in the film, it would have become popular.”180 version sheng Yilun” so advanced, why Lin Haoyang to plastic surgery?After 3 face-lifting astonishes everybody before not becoming famous, Lin Haoyang is just a plane model, rely on oneself effort, successful counterattack became net red.Deep European double eyelid, and delicate facial features.Many people first feel that he is a hybrid, but also mixed in the heart of the “plastic surgery” question.With solid writing skills, he once appeared on the variety show “You Can Say” under the name of “Uncle Hong”.Although do not know how Lin Haoyang business ability, but with the understanding of the variety.Only people with strong personalities, who are firmly established, can be in this place.This time of appearance, and did not let Lin Haoyang out of the circle, although handsome, but the entertainment industry has never been a lack of good-looking skin.Look around, all kinds of handsome men, a lot of catch.In order to be able to stand out, Lin Haoyang entered the sweet honey heavy ember such as frost cast.It is worth mentioning that he is no longer the former “Uncle Hong”, but changed his name to “Liao Jinfeng”, as if to say goodbye to the former.”Splash” this role, if Lin Haoyang did not have plastic surgery, but with the present face, maybe now he would have successfully out of the circle.However, at the beginning, she was ridiculed by many viewers for her porcelain teeth and big eyes.Perhaps because of the operation, the facial muscles are not coordinated.Even smile, watching people will feel very “lame”, Lin Haoyang missed the best time.Gradually disillusioned he, for a long period of time, immersed in the crowd.Lin haoyang didn’t appear in Song of the Moon until 2021.Eagle-eyed fans immediately recognized that the former “splash” was completely different from his former appearance, causing public attention.For this matter, Lin Haoyang responded to claim that his face many times, the first time double eyelid surgery, the second time nose augmentation, the third time to South Korea to do face fine-tuning.I can understand the mentality that girls pursue beauty and carry out cosmetic surgery. After all, everyone has the heart of beauty.And for an actor, trying to get ahead, to go under the knife over and over again, it really refreshed my perception.The entertainment industry is a bowl of youth, but is it worth adjusting your appearance at the expense of your health?Lin Haoyang’s behavior is more like a lack of confidence.To know that only the strength, can stand firm in the entertainment industry, plastic surgery to become a net celebrity, as a bet on health, the cost is a little too big.Now, he has been repaired, no lying silkworm, also took out the prosthetic, lips are a lot of natural, many fans praise.Some people feel very sorry, obviously is a handsome boy, if at the beginning of the filming “sweet honey”, with this face, “splash” so many shots, early red circle.Believe the parties, also aware of their own problems, fortunately, timely stop loss, to remedy the fault of the past.Beauty should not be defined Lin Haoyang changed his name three times, so far do not know, what is he really called?It is said that at the end of December 2020, the age has also been changed from 92 to 95, which is a smooth operation.Compared with plastic surgery this thing, I think Lin Haoyang should correct their behavior and attitude.While changing your name over and over is a great thing, symbolizing a fresh start, what is the message of such a move, or even changing your age?From 1992 to 1995, the middle three years, what kind of signal was it meant to send?As a public figure, although not very famous, but frequently engage in some small moves, it is really puzzling.Instead of adjusting your appearance or changing your profile, you should prove your strength with your work.This makeover, just a start, time will give you a satisfactory answer.Generous admit plastic surgery is an attitude, how to guide fans to the right way, is what Lin Haoyang should do.”If people agree with my aesthetic, I will share more about it in the future,” he said after Posting on the trending search.I can’t help but wonder whether it is the “minefield” of plastic surgery or the transmission of positive energy.In recent years, more and more people have undergone cosmetic surgery. Although they are all small “micro plastic surgery”, there have been problems with the aesthetics of an era.This problem is worth thinking about by everyone.The so-called “natural beauty” is gradually being replaced by “Internet celebrity”.More and more people, on the road of no return, even stars such public figures, also began to “small action”.What kind of message is this sending to teenagers?Should beauty be defined, what’s pretty, what’s handsome, and if you don’t agree, you get plastic surgery?We should take a serious look at life, plastic surgery is an addiction, how many failed cases in front of us.But there are still a lot of people lying on the operating table.People have lost their lives, people have made irreversible choices, and every real example is a wake-up call.Lin Haoyang after the restoration of the appearance, and cosmetic appearance, presented the effect, it is not an example.I think beauty should not be defined, is thin beautiful, big eyes cherry small mouth beautiful?Obviously, this is nonsense, a standard of conformity.The real beauty is a kind of temperament that emanates from the inside out. Although the appearance is not very outstanding, the personality charm can never be underestimated.For plastic surgery, I maintain a neutral attitude, can be called an actor, there must be a place, there is no need to spend a lot of time for skin, the focus should be on acting.Conclusion Lin Haoyang from a good head, timely stop loss remedy, to prepare for plastic surgery of the group, gave a good reminder.Maybe when we’re done, it won’t be the same.I also hope you can understand that there is no standard for beauty, confident people are the most beautiful.We are the only one in the world, why do we have to change, and for whom do we change?If you don’t like it yourself, how can you appreciate it from others?