These collectives and individuals in Sichuan were rated as “Political and legal pioneers in Sichuan”;These villages (communities) were commended

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On January 25, the political and legal work session of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee was held, at which the decision to commend the collective and individual “sichuan political and legal pioneers” was read out.Chuan Guan News reporters learned that the provincial Political and Legal Committee and the Provincial Department of Human resources and Social Security decided to commend 100 “Sichuan Political and legal pioneers” collectipes, including the Political department of chengdu Municipal Political and Legal Committee, and 200 individuals, including Xu Ershuang.On January 25, the Political and legal work meeting of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC was held, and a notice on naming and praising the “six Wuxian” villages (communities) in 2021 was read out.Chuan guan news reporters learned that ping an Sichuan construction leading group decided to chengdu Tianfu New district xinglong street Xinglong Lake community and other 500 provincial “six without” Peace village (community) to be named praise.Give them a thumbs up!Source: Kawagukan News