Buy one get one free house?Jinan many housing enterprises changing patterns of price promotion!Inside roll or become industry norm

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Since 2021, the term “inner scroll” has become popular on the Internet.Introwinding refers to the phenomenon that the “return to effort” ratio of individuals decreases as peers compete for limited resources with more effort.Since this year, although the real estate industry policy warm wind frequency blowing, but the volume between the behavior has not stopped.Shandong Business Daily · Speed leopard news reporters recently found that many housing enterprises began to “quietly” price behavior, promotion means is to compete.There are buildings belong to “euphemism”, propaganda page shows the house “buy a send a”, and in fact to buy a house to send a storeroom.And some buildings are “direct”, known as lower than the opening price, and for normal residential……Some industry insiders said that affected by the epidemic and other factors, the beginning of this year’s Indian Summer is cold, in the market at the same time compared to the heat is obviously insufficient, now the market is gradually biased to the buyer, “in the future for a long period of time, housing enterprises or into the normal state of the whole industry.”Housing enterprise volume more than, for the Indian Summer to add “warm” at the beginning of the year housing enterprise volume quietly to buy a house to send a set?It seems that since the second half of last year, Ji ‘nan property market has lost the noise of the past.Until the “Golden March” quietly ended, should have been a month of Indian summer, but still not the usual bustling.Affected by the epidemic and many other factors, the whole quarter of the market “energy” is obviously insufficient, the major housing enterprises for the first half of the performance of the “beautiful”, a promotional war began.Unlike the end of the year, the sales war at the beginning of the year is quiet but full of smoke.Recently, the reporter noticed that the publicity page picture of a room enterprise spread widely in the intermediary circle of friends, the publicity page picture shows “quit, the leadership to do a volunteer, now privately decided to buy a set to send a set, absolutely true, the leadership came back to the end.The publicity page is clear and concise, especially “buy a set of free a set of” marked red, for buyers can be said to be extremely attractive.Reporters according to the propaganda page picture information, as a buyer to call the sales office phone, according to the sales office staff, they propaganda page picture mainly to intermediary and old customer circle of friends forward, the picture to buy a set to send a set of essentially refers to buy a house, send a set of storage.”We’re not talking about a house. It’s just a marketing ploy.”The staff said that regardless of whether the gift is a house or storage room, the current price of the project is the lowest since the opening, and through this marketing means, it does attract many buyers to call to inquire about the house.According to the sales office staff revealed that their original average opening price is 12000 yuan/ping, and now launched preferential price is 12000 yuan/ping.In addition, the storage area of the gift is about 10 square meters, and the market price is about 60,000 yuan, which is cheaper to buy a house than the opening price.”Now the price of the project is the lowest in the area, and no one can lower the price than us.”The staff said, the launch of this discount, because affected by various factors, the current sales office visit volume is too low, “in early March was a little better, now we have basic sales office can not see people.”Before hanging up the phone, the official said, “You can take a car to see the house,” adding, “Even if you don’t buy it, you can come and see it.”In addition to the exaggerated propaganda language in the circle of friends to attract buyers, the reporter learned from the field investigation, many housing enterprises in the recent launch of labor to housing sources and through the old with new gift coupons for promotion.It is reported that part of the labor arrived housing does belong to developers to deduct the project funds of housing, and the vast majority of labor arrived housing is actually developers to change the price of the “coat”.As for the promotion of the old with new gift coupons, insiders in the industry revealed that, as a bulk commodity housing price has been very stable, and if the housing enterprises want to promote the realization of “price for volume”, the old with new gift coupons, not only can ensure the original customer viscosity, but also make the new customers buy at a low price appears “logical”.Sales calls in quick succession of individual housing enterprise volume in cold early in the year of the volume war in housing enterprises in full swing, some housing enterprises rely on “exaggerated” publicity pages to attract customers to visit, and some housing enterprises are straight to the point of telephone sales of discounted housing, more some housing enterprises with the help of all kinds of marketing channels “famous” price promotion.Fancy sales promotion means take turns to draw the outline of the first quarter of Ji ‘nan property market enterprises volume “face”.”Our real estate launched 5 sets of special price good house source, the price is very low to buy as soon as possible, excuse me interested?””Liquidation sale, the end of the history of the lowest price, do you need?”…Recently, the public Mr. Hu one after another to receive sales office sales calls, he told reporters that at the end of last year he had used mobile phone trumpet in a sales office registration, then often received sales calls.”I’m interested in buying a house myself, so EVERY time they call I answer and talk to them.”Mr. Hu said that after the Spring Festival this year, sales calls gradually decreased, but to the end of March and early April, sales calls suddenly increased.”The initial sale of housing is relatively reasonable, after the sale of housing is further and further away, the most exaggerated promotion of housing has been near the Qihe River.”Mr. Hu said, for frequent sales calls although he felt helpless, but careful thinking and can find sales calls how much can see the market to a certain extent, “I think so, sales calls increase, on behalf of each housing enterprises compete with each other, and this means that the market is not very hot.”In addition to making sales calls to achieve “point-to-point” promotion mode, some housing enterprises are with the help of intermediary channels, put on “reasonable” price promotion “coat”.In an intermediary circle of friends, jinan east area of a real estate launched a channel staff internal preferential promotional prices, the average price of 13,699 yuan /㎡.Before the reporter had visited the real estate, the average opening price of the real estate is 15000 yuan/square meters or so, last October the real estate had advertised the price to 14000 yuan/square meters or so, then the reporter visited that the so-called special housing at that time are residential apartments.”This time the company gave us some apartments, not residential apartments, but on lower floors.”Sell the real estate agent told reporters, now the real estate discount is larger, but only through their channels to buy.”Now is the low price of the real estate source, if you want to buy, to buy as soon as possible.”The agency also admitted that the overall market is now much different from the same period last year, housing enterprises are racking their brains to think about how to “save”, “our latest data shows that the visit of major housing enterprises in the past week declined seriously, individual housing enterprises in the past week trading volume compared with the same period, even zero.”For Indian Summer add warm inside roll or into the real estate industry normal in many housing enterprises “fancy” inside roll, Jinan property market traditional peak season “Golden March” to complete the end, this should be the Month of Indian Summer shine, but only revealed a hint of warmth.According to the statistics of Jinan real estate Network, a total of 10014 commercial houses were signed online in Jinan in March 2022, significantly higher than in February. Up to now, Although March is the highest trading volume in the first three months of this year, but compared with the “Golden SAN”, which completed 8569 trading volumes in only 16 days during the same period, March of this year is obviously a little bleak.During the Qingming Holiday, the reporter visited a number of sales offices in Jinan, which should be the peak stage of home buyers’ visit, many sales offices are relatively “deserted”.”Some of my clients are quarantined at home, and I can’t even come to see them.”Jinan Huaiyin area of a real estate consultant told reporters that affected by the epidemic, some of the customers who are not in a hurry to buy a house now basically belong to the “lying flat” viewing state, some of them at home brush online VR viewing platform, and some contact intermediary channels to help recommend suitable housing sources.”There are far fewer clients who are desperate to buy and are willing to go out and look at properties.”The real estate consultant said that the project planned to hold offline large-scale promotion activities, but also postponed, “the holiday is really a good marketing node, we can not do offline, can only find a way to push online, or to prepare for the next stage sprint.””The epidemic has had an impact on home buyers’ psychological expectations. Some of them are considering maintaining cash flow to ensure basic living conditions, while others want to check out the bottom of housing prices,” he said.Industry insiders said, affected by the epidemic and other factors, this year just a little bit of the dawn of the Indian Summer encountered a cold current, the current whole marketing promotion is slow, housing enterprises began to compete in volume.The analysis of the industry believes that, in the “housing not speculation” of the main tone, the property market operation gradually stable, and to protect the operating profits of enterprises do not decline, often will lead to intensified competition between housing enterprises.”The survival of the fittest era, the market is entering a ‘low fault tolerance’ period.”The industry said, with the national policy, the future market will certainly usher in a wave of warmth, and regardless of the market temperature, housing enterprises volume behavior will not stop, the future or become a normal phenomenon of the industry.