Can bad credit records be “fixed” with money?You can’t believe such a trick

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Wuhan, Feb. 13 (Xinhua News AgencyCan you spend money to “repair” bad credit records?This scam can not trust a credit report, Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Xian, related to the financial life of everyone and enterprises, once there is a bad record may lead to mortgage loans and other loans, personal or corporate reputation damage and other negative effects.Therefore, some information subjects are eager to eliminate bad credit investigation records, and some lawbreakers take the opportunity to solicit business in the name of “credit investigation repair, whitewashing, single shovel”, “objection complaint consultation, agency”, and charge high service fees.Can money “whitewash” bad credit records?Industry insiders said that there is no such thing as “credit investigation repair” in the field of credit investigation, and all “credit investigation repair” claiming to be legal, commercial and charging are scams.Not only suspected of violating the law, but also destroyed the social credit system.”Credit repair” scheme, many cheats out traps Hubei tianmen zhang delinquent loans due to personal negligence, looking for a bank consultation, communication, seek to remove bad record after failing to have him on the Internet to find a “credit repair” institutions, and will be 10000 yuan deposit and with his real name for a mobile phone card to the agency,Agreed to pay $20,000 after the deal.Later, the agency launched a complaint in the name of Mr. Zhang.Tianmen branch of the People’s Bank of China received a complaint after Mr. Zhang on-site verification, only to learn the truth.”We told him it was not only a waste of money, but also a giveaway of personal information.If this organization uses his mobile phone card to carry out telecom fraud, money laundering, fraudulent network loans, etc., may also be implicated.Knowing he had been cheated, Zhang withdrew his complaint.”People’s Bank of China Tianmen branch credit investigation staff said.The reporter found in the Chinese judgment documents network search, the “credit repair” fraud everywhere:Criminals claimed that they could repair the credit report of the Credit Investigation Center of the People’s Bank of China by spending money. Some of them lost contact after charging high fees, some of them instigated individuals to make unreasonable appeals with the reason of “non-malicious overdue”, or used false materials and other illegal means to try to modify bad information, and usually no refund or lost contact after failing to modify.The business of the so-called “credit investigation and repair” agencies is mostly to fabricate materials, forge certificates, make malicious complaints and deceive banks.Wuhan anti-fraud Center, the People’s Bank of China Wuhan branch business department recently jointly exposed 5 common “credit repair” fraud.Besides directly to ordinary faithless subject of fraud, and in view of entrepreneurship, employment population faithless group “credit training textual research” fraud, targeted on the entrepreneurship “credit reporting agent” of the fraud, against cyber net credit group, pretend to be the personnel of the service or financial institution staff “anomalies” account fraud and “cancellation of loan fraud”.Industry insiders said, in addition, there are two kinds of fraud is also more common: one claims to be able to quickly lend money, after the party fell for the bait, and on the ground of poor credit record, require the party to pay “credit repair” fee;The second is to claim that as long as the payment of a certain fee, you can help the parties to eliminate the network loan records, principal and interest are not returned, and will not be urged or sued.Tang Dexin, deputy director of credit Investigation Management Office of Wuhan Branch of the People’s Bank of China, said that individuals and enterprises have overdue credit cards or loans, failed to fulfill the guarantee responsibility, faithless execution and other situations, which will produce bad credit investigation records.Correct bad credit records will not be deleted or changed.The essence of “credit investigation and repair” scam is that criminals take advantage of the information subject’s ignorance of credit investigation policies and regulations, deliberately confuse the concept of credit investigation objection to mislead, and achieve their purpose of illegal profit by deception.In fact, if an individual thinks that the information on his or her credit report is wrong, he or she has the right to object to the credit investigation agency.Credit investigation agencies or banks need to check and deal with any mistakes and will correct them in time.”In the past six months, I have received six objections to credit investigation, two of which were due to personal omissions and forgot to repay and the overdue time was not long. I asked the customer to make an explanation and reported it to the credit investigation agency for record.Other obviously bad ones can be explained and understood by customers.”Chongyang Fortune Square Branch of China Construction Bank credit objection liaison Xiong Zheng said.Tang Dexin said that the information required to raise an objection to credit investigation is not complex, individuals with valid identity documents, enterprise legal persons themselves or entrusted others with a business license can be handled.”There is no need to go through an intermediary to raise objections to credit investigation, and there is no charge.”He said.According to the Regulations on the Management of Credit Investigation Industry, if an information subject thinks that there are errors or omissions in the information collected, saved or provided by a credit investigation agency, it has the right to raise objections to the credit investigation agency or the information provider and demand correction.After receiving the objection of credit investigation, the credit investigation agency or information provider shall check the objection information and correct the error or omission found.Tang dexin said that the essence of the objection to credit investigation is “error correction”, that is, to correct or supplement the wrong or missing data, rather than credit remodeling after the occurrence of “trust-breaking behavior”.No information provider, such as credit investigation agencies or commercial banks, can modify or delete the correct credit investigation information on credit reports.Reporters learned that only the report of credit information agencies to modify the authority.At present, financial institutions have strict system processes and management requirements to monitor the behavior of credit inquiry and prevent collusion between internal and external parties to illegally delete or modify credit information.If some people hold the idea of “spending money to eliminate disasters”, hoping to spend money to eliminate bad records, often fall into the trap of lawless elements.A number of banks and regulators have suggested that relevant departments should strengthen cooperation, strictly control and clean up all kinds of false publicity and advertisements on the Internet, intensify the crackdown on lawbreakers and raise the cost of breaking the law.While blocking the “side door”, financial institutions and credit investigation agencies should popularize relevant knowledge, let the public know the legal channels and ways to protect their rights, understand the “credit investigation repair” scam, and avoid being cheated.”The first thing is to protect yourself.”A number of professionals said that for individuals and enterprises, first of all should be reasonable debt, live within their means, to strictly abide by the relevant provisions of loan management, according to the loan contract agreed on the repayment time and amount of timely repayment.In particular, we should take good care of our identity documents, online banking, mobile banking and other sensitive information to prevent inexplicable loans.If there is objective and true adverse information on the credit report, it is necessary to rebuild their credit in time.”After the occurrence of bad information should be timely repayment, stop bad behavior, pay attention to the subsequent repayment on time, avoid overdue, maintain a good credit record.”Tang dexin said that special circumstances caused bad, can apply for bad information to make a statement, during the preservation period, credit agencies will be recorded.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: