Haidong issued an implementation plan to protect the legitimate rights and interests of couriers

2022-06-08 0 By

This article from: China news in the near future, its action, postal service led by associated municipal development and reform commission, commerce bureau, human resources and social security bureau and other 11 units negotiate together repeatedly study and establish the eastern city Courier groups legitimate rights and interests safeguard work implementation plan “(hereinafter referred to as the” scheme “), protect the legitimate rights and interests of the express group.”Solution” is put forward, by the end of “difference” of the city’s legitimate rights and interests safeguard Courier group related to the basic institutional mechanisms, Courier pay more hasten is reasonable, to maintain social security rights and interests, improve professional skills and enterprise employee more specification, labor contract signing rate increased significantly, Courier group continued ascension for feeling, happiness, security,Professional self-identity and social identity continue to strengthen.According to the plan, enterprises should be urged to maintain reasonable terminal distribution and optimize the operating environment of terminal outlets.Timely carry out the city’s labor remuneration income level monitoring, guide the establishment of industry wage collective negotiation mechanism;Encourage enterprises to buy social insurance and personal accident insurance for couriers;Promote the integration of “meeting, station and home” of grassroots express outlets and jointly build and share outdoor labor service stations of trade unions;Promote vocational skill level identification and vocational training and give subsidies according to regulations.Eastern city, said an official with the postal service will strengthen organization and leadership, pressure is a responsibility, pay attention to public opinion propaganda, strengthen coordination with relevant departments to cooperate, to strengthen the policy and propaganda guidance, cohesion push postal express delivery industry environment optimization, enterprise employee more standardized, more professional skills more professional, ensure the Courier groups legitimate rights and interests.