The pain of a previous life must be paid for by deceiving men who play with women’s affections

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!In order to pay back the pain of their past lives, they have to cheat men who play with women’s feelings to pay back the pain of their past lives.Through to Mary Su Wenli when female match, in the face of the fierce male master, take out the opportunity invincible she, Fang Qing bell had to low-key low-key low-key again, but that is not she’s good sister?Why are you always after her?And the couple, don’t make any trouble, okay?She really is innocent ah!Hard training to half, but now the soul is not complete, life can not advance, she changed what to do…This article occasionally fan 2 active atmosphere, not white not Sue, welcome into the pit.Into the pit guide: the forest warcraft began restless restless, like the former beast king call emergency command, but also like the impending enemy.The water swim out of the water, run on the ground of the crazy run, the sky fly straight to the ground, warcraft are straight to the light howl of the mad rush past.That situation is like an earthquake, the earth shook, the earth cracked, countless trees, strange flowers and herbs by the monster’s huge body mercilessly destroyed, and finally directly into a pile of soil.High on the cloud top of the Ethereal peak of the Infinite School, the empty dust, who was practicing with his eyes closed, opened his eyes fiercely, got up and shook his long sleeves, disappearing into streamers in the night sky.At the same time, another three peaks out of the body true honour is also into a meteor towards warcraft forest blunt shot past.The forest of warcraft was too noisy. Before a quarter of an hour, the other disciples in the Wuji sect were aware of it, and they all swept away in the same direction.Fang Qingling is the most insouciant, she is following the pace, the heart is a myriad of thoughts.Is she going to grab Yang’s golden finger?As an unqualified female match, should the title of female match do some obligations?However, there is no deep hatred between her and Yang Poetic poetry, on the contrary, the relationship is quite good, so it seems inappropriate.Alas!Calculate, be to make do with lively good, fight for her person chance without cause, oneself heart also feel sorry.Here, Fang Qingling made his decision, and there, in the middle of the Warcraft forest, or the gathering place of the Warcraft group, stood an egg in the middle of the herd, its whole body shining with golden light, illuminating a large area around.It next to guard a demon Wolf, demon Wolf body silver white, blood thirsty in the eyes of the fierce green light, two sen cold white fangs exposed, alert looking around.The wild herd of monsters did not approach, but surrounded a beast and an egg, their noses exhaling, angry and restless howl.God beast eggs suddenly send out bursts of fragrance, floating to the fierce warcraft people inside the nose.Smell fragrance, the original restless warcraft began to calm, gradually become gentle, warcraft forest at that time all quiet, silent, quiet as if the voice of fallen leaves can be heard.At this moment, a voice broke the silence. It was the first arrival of the empty dust. His eyes flashed greed and he said, “It is the egg of the five-claw golden dragon god.He said to begin to close the egg of god beast, but was followed by the three tao honour stopped the action.Wan fa feng Ling Yun really respect smiling way: “why don’t you wait for us?So anxious to come, is want to meritorious service, for the door to get down god’s eggs?”Danqing peak Elegant ting fairy seems to have not seen empty dust black heavy face, open eyes lie: “brother so for the sake of the door, little sister I am really beyond reach.”One side of the cold jade true honour is cold wearing a face, cold as ice, do not speak, as if the outside world happened everything has nothing to do with it.”Hum!Since you are here, it is not my turn to do so.”Empty dust cold hum, body shape to the side of a station, intend not to meddle in this matter.He is so Stoic, humble, because Ling Yun is the most qualified among them, the strongest one.”Ha ha, is inferior to little younger sister to take how?”Ya Ting voice such as Huang Yingzhu valley, xiangpa cover his lips.(Click on the following link to read the novel.)Or cannon fodder worst?Lin yao said the brain could not function.This want to avoid tying male master, live a happy life, but this is life, she step by step, let Lin Yao nowhere to escape.Into the pit guide: Lin Yao back to the Lin family first back to their room, the distance from Hua Jianzong to receive disciples a few days, Lin Yao to linFu body recovery as soon as possible.In fact, Lin Fu’s body is a loss, as long as a rejuvenation Dan can be restored.But Lin Yao has not refined Dan, there are a lot of elixir in the space, so she is going to make their own Dan hui Chun.Lin Yao flashed into space.By the way, take care of the medicine field, and then refining 100 copies of the elixir of Huichun Dan ready, and bought today out of the Dan furnace.Dan furnace with black, simple feeling is not luxurious.The pain of Lin Yao secretly surprised, the alchemy system is a lucrative career ah, small Dan furnace should be so expensive.Lin Yao found a fire in the space before, it can alchemy, or she a practice gas two where to Dan fire?Only practice to the golden Dan period to inspire the Dan fire.Lin Yao was sitting cross-legged on the futon, silent breath, suddenly found himself sitting on the futon especially calm.It’s like no mood can affect her anymore. That’s a good thing.Lin Yao was very happy, because there was no mention of the futon in the novel.Run for two weeks days, Lin Yao felt his body’s aura bobo.Breakthrough!Three layers of training.Lin Yao took a breath and started from the futon.Worthy of being a single root, upgrade speed is fast.Everything is ready, Lin Yao closed her eyes and filtered the spring dandan side in her mind.Stretch out the right palm, because there is jade Jane inside the experience, Lin Yao is confident.Driving the reiki in the body, Lin Yao will introduce fire Dan furnace.Remember the order, Lin Yao will be a zhuzhu elixil thrown into the Dan furnace.Lin Yao smiles as she looks at the green liquid in the oven.”Poof……”The green liquid in the furnace turned to black slag.Lin Yao leng leng looked at Dan furnace, before still good, what is wrong?Lin Yao cross-knee breath, before the consumption of alchemy reiki supplement, and restart the furnace.After several failures, Lin Yao finally found out the reason.She had been preoccupied with the order of the potion, and did not control the heat, which led to the incompatibility of the potion, and failed.Lin Yao after half a day to finally complete the life of the first alchemy, looking at the furnace of three dark green Dan medicine.Lin Yao smiled. Everything pays off.Take out the Dan medicine, take the jade bottle prepared in advance, put the Dan medicine.Lin Yao wanted to try alchemy again, but she had been in space for a day and could not rush.Refining half a day Dan medicine, Lin Yao also got a lot of benefits.The reiki in the body is more pure.(Click on the following link to read the novel) The third book: The Female marriage of the Rebirth of the Phoenix inverse Immortal road by: Majia is false Abstract: Jin Huang lived for four generations.The first time, she died, she was hit by a steel frame, she died young, but she wore;The second, she died again, was jiang Xinyue this green tea bitch and her men killed, die unsatisfied, but she was reborn;The third, she died again, but also died in jiangxinyue and her men hands, resentment heinous, but she was born again;Fourth life, the story has just begun…She brocade phoenix, refers to the day oath, a word, this is a cruel slag of the cool article, female gold finger slightly thick, artifact, edge law, fortune……Guide to entering the pit: The present body of The phoenix is wood, fire, earth three false spiritual root, each kind of spiritual root is incomplete, the speed of cultivation is extremely slow.It was with such poor constitution that she entered fu Fu’s door when she had just crossed to the mainland of “e.g.As a result, jiang Xinyue was secretly jealous and crowded out by cang Levant.Therefore, she wanted to go to Huotongshan to find her uncle’s personal leave. It was true that she wanted to go to Huatongshan to find her husband.It will be too late to search after the Operation.The third, that is, the time of the last life, she successfully found a submerged ruins, washed out the mutation of Lei Ling root.Having entered the station with such gifted qualifications, the Great Hall not only closed the mouth of the crowd, but also became the proud child expected by the master of the Great Hall and the great hall.What’s more, if she wants revenge, she must have the supreme gift of spirit root, otherwise, she with what strength against her enemies.Fortunately, in the last life time, she had already been to the destruction market, the route is firmly in mind, to find it is not difficult.In contrast, it was difficult to persuade Fu Fu to give her permission to go to Hutong Mountain without raising their suspicions.Fortunately, these things have been done once in a lifetime, she has a mind.However, in this life, she acted and thought more cautious.A thousand-mile dam is destroyed by a nest, and even a small detail could be fatal!Say “go to huotongshan to find uncle” before this matter, brocade huang in the heart repeatedly to deliberate several times.This had been informed by her father at his deathbed and fu Fu would not have to be so inconsiderate to disagree.In fact, Fu Fu had to give directions to Su Fang to take Jin Huang to Hutong Mountain to look for her uncle.As for why not he personally took her past, Jin Huang also considered.This time, the disciples of Cang Levant sect were aware of the activity of the het clan in Yicheng.The demon is the mysterious guest who buys a girl every five days, and the special customer the two traffickers want to sell him.This demon bought the girls back to drink their genitals to improve their practice.On the day that He escaped from the trafficker, it was they who were to go to the slave farm to wait for the demon to snare him.Although, and did not later because midway saved the phoenix and jiang Xinyue delay in addition to the devil, but that devil still made a trick to escape.Now the devil was hiding in a corner of Yicheng.He’s badly wounded, but he’s still strong.If Fu Fu fu had to take Jin Huang to Huotongshan in person, yicheng had only Su Fang and them left, which would have been difficult to deal with.Therefore, Fu Fu had to stay.The final result was the same as that in the previous one, Su Fang flew to Hutong Mountain to seek her uncle with the brocade huang Royal sword, while Jiang Xinyue followed fu Fu in order to get rid of the devil.After su Fang received his command, he retired to prepare.Fu Fu felt Jin Huang’s head and asked her to submit to Su Fang and not to be naughty.This comes as a little surprise to Jin Huang, who had not been treated like this in her first two lives.She felt sure in her heart that it seemed right to go in the direction of simplicity and kindness.Soon, Su Fang packed up and came back.Waving their hand, fu Fu signaled the two men to start.Su Fang took Jin Huang’s little hand and walked to the door. After three or four steps, Jin Huang broke away and rushed back to grab his leg and put his little face in his knee.”What’s the matter?Asked fu fu, stroking her head.(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!A review of past highlights:The level with green tea became a pet small lovely queen green tea into a black hole system uniting into full level bosses the prince regent, your home Wang Feichao interesting her drunk rushes palace, have a little milk after nine months Eva soul-rending nature of “personal space” at the end of her stuffed with gold and silver, the space into soul-rending nature’s richest military spouse “bright stars than you” “Fu Xi deep, I’m tired” voice,She also stopped breathing “Book lady match really beautiful” dressed as unwilling and leave the vicious female match, she packed dowry: I wish and leave