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As arranged by the NHC, the province will soon carry out sequential immunization against COVID-19 vaccines.What is sequential immunity?Who can be vaccinated?Qinghai Provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention experts answer for you.Solution 1: What is sequential booster immunization?Sequential vaccination is the administration of the same vaccine at intervals (alternately) along different technical routes.In the case of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine, for example, sequential booster immunization is referred to as “sequential booster immunization” if two doses of the inactivated coronavirus vaccine have been previously administered and a subsequent booster shot is switched to any other non-inactivated coronavirus vaccine.Homologous booster refers to the booster of COVID-19 vaccines that continue to use the same process.Ii. Is sequential immunization enhancement safe and effective?A number of studies have shown that both homologous and sequential enhancement have good safety and good immune effect.Who can be immunized sequentially?There are four things to be aware of for sequential booster immunization: people over 18 years of age;Two doses of inactivated vaccine have been administered;At least 6 months after receiving the second dose of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine;No third injection.Iv. Do people who have received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine still need sequential booster immunization?Don’t need.V. Can sequential booster immunization be performed with COVID-19 vaccines other than inactivated ones?Not yet.Those who have received one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine can receive one booster dose of the original vaccine six months after vaccination.The three doses of recombinant COVID-19 vaccine do not require booster shots at the moment.Vi. Is vaccination of inactivated COVID-19 vaccines from two manufacturers a sequential enhancement of immunization?It isn’t.This is homologous vaccine substitution vaccination.7. When can sequential immunization be carried out in our province?In the near future, the province will carry out sequential enhanced immunization in various regions according to the arrival of recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine.8. Where can sequential booster immunization be carried out?After the sequential enhanced immunization is launched in Our province, all approved COVID-19 vaccination sites can carry out sequential enhanced immunization. Please follow the official information released by local health administrative departments or CDC for specific vaccination information.What is the sequential booster vaccination?At present, according to the State Council defense spreading mechanism arrangement, combined with our province reality, has completed its 2 needle company in Beijing (born in our province using the characters of lanzhou company), Beijing sinovac biotech, national medicine company in wuhan new inactivated vaccine, and intervals of six months after the 2nd needle more than 18 years of age and older,The original technical route vaccine (inactivated vaccine) can be selected to carry out homologous enhanced immunization, or the recombinant protein vaccine of Anhui Zhifei Longkema Company can be selected to carry out one-dose sequential enhanced immunization;The population vaccinated with adenovirus vector vaccine and biological vaccine of Shenzhen Kangtai and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences still used the original vaccine for enhanced immunization.X. Can homologous and sequential booster immunization be performed simultaneously?Can’t.Only one of homologous or sequential booster immunization can be selected for vaccination.11. What should be paid attention to in sequential booster immunization?Before vaccination, confirm whether you have completed the whole vaccination according to the previous vaccination certificate, and the interval is more than 6 months.During vaccination, it is necessary to carry identification documents, vaccination certificates, etc., sign novel Coronavirus Informed Consent, cooperate with the vaccinators to do the “three-check, seven-to-one verification”, take good personal protection according to the local prevention and control requirements, and cooperate with the on-site vaccination staff to inquire;You also need to inform your physician of your health conditions, such as past illnesses and recent medications.After inoculation, observe for 30 minutes as required;Keep the skin clean and avoid scratching the site.Source: Xining Evening News Producer: Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin