International Yixing, coffee shops open all over the town

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Go to the coffee shop on the weekend…Coffee culture is being all over the world in different ways of understanding and interpretation of coffee also gradually become the evaluation of urban modernization, vogue and internationalization of a new index in yixing today more and more coffee shop is demonstrated its modern and vitality of the city from city market supervision bureau, municipal bureau of administrative examination and approval departments and so on, according to data from theAt present, yixing has 21 registered enterprises with the keyword “coffee”, and 97 self-employed households. Even in 2020 and 2021, when the epidemic has a significant impact, the tide of opening shops has not stopped, with 26 and 25 newly opened shops respectively.This data also reflects from the side, coffee consumption slowly penetrates into yixing consumption market.As an indispensable part of coffee culture, coffee chain brands not only activated yixing’s coffee “gene”, but also made coffee more diversified. In 2013, Starbucks opened its first store in Yixing Wanda Plaza, making it a fashionable place for citizens to date.Data from the Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval show that in more than eight years, Starbucks has set up 10 stores in Yixing urban area, busy commercial sections of key towns and Yixing station of Ningzhou-Hangzhou high-speed railway.Luckin Coffee, a domestic Coffee chain brand, also entered Yixing in 2019 and has rapidly expanded into business districts, schools and business buildings in just over three years. Currently, it has seven stores.On January 23, the Xincheng Road Store of Starbucks on Huangui Yuangui Street opened, which is the first Starbucks pet-friendly store in Yixing. Customers can enjoy quiet time with their pets in the smell of coffee and create a “third space” for relaxation besides family space and work space.The density of coffee shops in downtown Yixing is relatively high.Yaohan in city commercial circle, and wanda commercial circle within 3 km, rui xing will offer the starbucks brand coffee shop does not include xi tea, such as KFC, McDonald’s sold freshly brewed coffee restaurant in addition to these famous chain brand more and more features of the cafe in yixing city map perked up also add the international fit for the city and the art aron east Gui in citiesEastward on the format of the east business circle and tung Gui edge past trendy coffee shop has become a very young white-collar work, have a rest a good place for the “fast” and “slow” here in the key of coffee blend mixed forest of high-rise between fashion and contracted wind industry big French window and a cup of coffee, a chair alone has become a “little space” it makes people comfortableEnjoy solitude and to make people relate to each other on this green garden road no. 47 ring, 47 families, garden green garden road is an old factory now to glow the vitality gradually became a coffee circle “microclimate” was mottled stone walls, abandoned warehouse hasn’t been rebuilt how gorgeous modern but, in the hands of small entrepreneurs, designers magnified the advantage of the old factory building builds a modern people willing to participate in and holdHold the atmosphere of the free shop series became the unique creative space shows the young people’s fashion life from instant coffee to coffee from refreshing to tasting are increasing demand for coffee growing demand also increasingly fine cafe is to catch up with the wave of a batch of the earliest in the coffee shop here now make a great fame in yixing literary and art circles the store without traditional coffee shopBrand recommended “choose what you love” is the biggest characteristic of dongfeng lane shops each city cafe with urban texture embodies the unique cultural and aesthetic interest the material consumption of jiangnan town place with good mountains and waters is developed cafe here in addition to retain the delicate and elegant, it seems, are still contracted whispering soft waxy smell of white wall HeiWa before a small courtyard stone path in the dense flavor of coffeeBecome a common spiritual attachment for many people who want to went into the cafe environment and style became they choose to store the additional option of a handwritten menu, simple garden decoration is let customers heartache little surprise the winter afternoon sun There are green plants and friends sit to define a season full of sense of ceremony,Other streets and alleys in Yixing are also scattered with coffee shops. It is not hard to find that most of these shop owners are young people who are keen on coffee culture. They love coffee, photography and travel…They contrived to store things to show their love of coffee consumers mainly women more than by more than 60% of them pay attention to the quality of life have certain purchasing power like trying new things especially in tea culture far-reaching yixing in many customers in the choice of coffee with other tea also no clear “wall” they love to drink coffee,Also love tea villages and towns of coffee consumption in townships ding shu also have their own market than ziyingdian river of the ancient south street HeiWa white walls of the courtyard in the pillow of water in the coffee shop has become a bright spot in the purple sand culture block one side is the birthplace of yixing purple sand, the cradle of the master are recommended, and the tea become the classic supplement side of the ancient south street is representative of the overseas import modern life atmosphere with coffeeDessert formed the shop stylish combination of old and new collision are for the same show “international fei” sparks other similarly lake 㳇 of old street there is a nostalgic theme cafe in coffee shop with their own unique style attracted crowds like potted landscape dotted with charm of yixing release the strong attractive scenic spotPark in addition to these popular blocks of all kinds of cafe also appeared in the scenic area, the park is located between the mountains or in a quiet corner in the park to meet passenger stationed more interesting soul met in this wanting more coffee flavour is is embedded in the ceramic capital of People’s Daily characteristic of coffee shop in this free fireworks is the internationalization of the city to embrace the openness of love in the futureBehind the coffee is our passion and vision for life. 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