King of Glory: Milady’s insights

2022-06-09 0 By

By: NGA- Chestnut watermelon Juice Inscription: Hunting mind eye nightmare.Normal costume: mask ice wand sunnightcap wear stick, brittle skin can echo mask sunnightcap wear stick, need to nightmare when the hat can be replaced.I don’t really recommend the normal loading with The Bright moon, the single 31 bright moon counterkill is a bit of a dream, the 1 ability will fly forward, the assassin who rushes to kill you can easily dodge the attack, and the speed of the 31 damage you can’t hit the full end of the moon.You can switch to a magic wand when you are not finished with the opposite magic resistance.Sundown is mainly stacked fast, back to CD, easy to stack CD to full without eating blue buff.Milady mainly rely on 1 skill plus equipment special effects hit damage, special effects can be installed.Go out point 2 behind the master 1, a line grab line and other lines of soldiers to throw the robot to the far side of the soldiers, auxiliary line fast can choose to clear while beating, brush robot plus a skill to hit full damage can also kill auxiliary.Assist not clear line ability after honest clear.If you want to steal a buff, you have to keep one, otherwise you won’t have enough speed.Milady’s support is weak before level 4, just send more signals to teammates and support speed on the other side of the river card.After level 4 try to find the opposite single road to play, to the development of the road can choose to throw robots around the tower, let the robot tower go in to play 31, to fight against the road to play squatting grass in advance, soldiers to come out of the clear line brush full robot into the tower can be strong, soldiers can not eat damage.Four minutes ago, if you could get to the side and set a rhythm you could ignore the defense tower protection mechanism and just push the outer tower, and you had an advantage.If you have equipment in the middle of the game, don’t steal towers by yourself. This is the easiest behavior to drop off. If you like to steal, you can follow the opposing road or beat the wild ass to help them crouch in the side.You can throw 21 at the back of the group in mid and late stages, then hide behind it. You can open grass with 2 skills, and you can throw one or two groups at the back of the circle to help the archer find the hero on the opposite side.The role of Milady group battle is to consume the front line of 21, 2 skills to help the archer find out the hero’s position after the circle, the big move can match 1 dozen full front row to play, do not play can also be left behind to block the hero, the group battle must do a good job of vision.2 skills although can explore grass, but opposite when there is xishi yuan song mirror to explore grass had better not explore, throw 2 skills to explore grass distance is able to be pulled by the grass of xishi, yuan song mirror appears in your screen and his target is you can black screen, there are these 3 best not to explore.This hero is so simple that there are few details, and the rest is up to the lineup selection.Do not recommend in the opposite of the double front row to choose Milady, Milady can not play double front row, pure scraping.Do not recommend their marksman is the time to choose Milady, early want to play development road marksman must have an advantage on the line to protect the line can play advance.Best is to match the bittern egg Di Renjie these online strong, easy to push into the flat.Do not recommend the ying zheng on the other side of the time also choose, online rob, but in the late was white piao blood pressure, can not touch Ying Zheng.The mage is usually the longest hand in his own team, you can not touch, but also a white piao is pure prison.Recommend in dozen east huang of time, east huang has no resistance completely in the middle, dozen full skill east Huang can go home, see to his body throw on the line.Milady has strength, 1 skill and can save health quickly if it consumes energy in the back row, but the disadvantage is that the hands are too short to consume health in the back row, and the group can only touch fish in the back.The advantage is that it can provide a field of vision, as long as the group battle helps the archer to do a good job of vision, no matter how bad the front group wins a wave can ignore the 2 towers directly wave.