Reconstructing traditional beauty of children’s books: The 2022 International Children’s Book Day Series was successfully held

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On April 2, 2022, the 217th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, the famous fairy tale writer, and on the occasion of the International Children’s Book Day,The “2022 International Children’s Book Day Series activities”, sponsored by The Tree of Life Culture Promotion Center, The New Education Research Institute of Soochow University, and the “New Children” Special Fund of the China Foundation of Culture and Art for Children, were successfully held in Beijing.This activity, themed “Children’s books reconstructing the beauty of tradition”, aims to carry out nationwide reading activities, promote children’s reading, cultivate children’s global awareness and promote international understanding. More than 1,000 bookstores, libraries, schools and publishing units from all over the country participated in this activity.The event was hosted by Zhang Hong, recital artist, general director and host of Poetic China of China education TV Station. Liu Biwei, former Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to the Kingdom of Denmark, Sun Zhu, president of China Branch of International Children’s Book Alliance, and Kan Lijun, president of China Children’s Culture and Art Foundation delivered speeches.CPPCC standing committee, deputy secretary general, national nationwide reading image spokesperson, the international children’s books alliance love reading contest winner, members of the “Chinese reading thirty BBS” yong-xin zhu, international children’s books alliance, the incumbent President, executive vice President of Chinese society for the study of children’s literature, the tree of life culture promotion center director, members of the “Chinese reading thirty BBS” Zhang Mingzhou,Tong Xixi, children’s literature writer, education scholar, member and secretary general of “Thirty Chinese Readers Forum” delivered the keynote speech.Cao Wenxuan, professor of Peking University and Hans Christian Andersen Prize winner; Li Wenjie, associate professor of The School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Director of the Institute of Comparative Culture and Translation and Hans Christian Andersen Prize winner; Zhang Kun, President of Anhui Children’s Publishing House, Time Publishing Media Co., LTD.;Li Xixi, executive director of The New Reading Institute, children’s literature writer and one of China’s Top 10 Promoters of National Reading in 2018, and Kai Shu, founder of The Story telling APP and national Reading promotion ambassador, attended the event.At the beginning of the activity, Zhang Mingzhou delivered a speech entitled “Hans Christian Andersen and International Children’s Book Day”. He said that April 2 is the birthday of Danish fairy tale master Hans Christian Andersen and international Children’s Book Day, which is celebrated by children all over the world. In order to promote the world’s children to read, in 1967,The International Federation of Books for Children has established its own reading day for minors around the world — International Children'S Book Day).In the end, Zhang read the 2022 keynote address of the International Children’s Book Day, sending best wishes to young readers around the world.In the keynote speech of “Children’s Revival of traditional Beauty”, Tong Xixi analyzed how to implement the comprehensive revival of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture from the perspective of children, through children’s books, reading, children and other multiple dimensions, form, connotation, spirit and other different realms.Tong xixi believes that children mean the future, and only through children can beautiful traditions have a real future.Resurrection is rebirth, which is not reproduction but re-creation. The beautiful tradition resurrected by children is bound to combine inheritance and development.Children’s books are the most important carrier for spreading, inheriting and developing the beauty of tradition.Zhu Yongxin pointed out the theme of this activity in his keynote speech “Children’s books Reconstructing the Beauty of Tradition”.He believed that children’s books, as one of the important ways for children to know the world, should undertake the responsibility of spreading, inheriting and developing the eternal spiritual tradition of “truth, goodness and beauty”, and reconstruct the beauty of tradition with children’s books to establish the connection between tradition and modernity and the future.As he once stressed in the preface of Excellent Chinese Traditional Stories for New Children, “The long-standing traditional culture is where we can create the future.To honor the ancients, inherit the good and restate the classics, we gather and act with devotion.”Reconstruct the beauty of tradition with children’s books, understand the beauty of tradition with reading, and make life live the beauty of tradition.This is the mission of The Times to us, but also worth our whole life research topic.The event also held a “children’s book refactoring traditional beauty, from the Hans Christian Andersen” round table BBS, yong-xin zhu, Zhang Mingzhou, attempt, liu biwei, liland, airr, 张堃 revolve around the theme, respectively from the reading promotion, academic, creative, diplomacy, publishing, and other dimensions, tells the story of her karma with the Hans Christian Andersen,They discussed the close relationship and profound significance between children’s books and tradition, and further explored how children’s books should spread, inherit and develop the beauty of tradition, bringing wonderful sharing and dialogue to everyone.As a special part of the launch ceremony, Kai Shu, founder of kai Shu Storytelling APP and a national reading promotion ambassador, recited Hans Christian Andersen’s famous work “The Ugly Duckling” to cheers.Activities finally, in turn, issued the “Hans Christian Andersen” national bookstore celebration activities and “new baby” of the national hundred school traditional culture activities, reading together also issued to children worldwide held “Andersen, salute to describe a new chapter” theme paintings collection activities and “my favorite Chinese historical figure” solicitation activities.It is reported that the outstanding finalists of the “Tribute to Andersen, Describe a New Chapter” painting competition will not only receive the e-certificate issued by China Children’s Art Foundation and the painting gift provided by Merlot childhood, but also be recommended to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Denmark for selection, and have the opportunity to be retained by the museum as a collection of works.You can log in the official activity platform — wechat official account: “Tree of Life Children’s Book” (” Salute Hans Christian Andersen, Describe a New Chapter “) and “New children” (” My favorite Chinese historical Figures “).So far, the “2022 International Children’s Book Day Series” has come to a successful conclusion.The event by the Chinese youth culture and arts foundation, China TaoFen foundation and international children’s books alliance China branch instruction, the Chinese culture and art foundation, a tree of life in children and adolescents children reading special fund, China youth culture and arts foundation “new baby” special fund, TaoFen foundation “reading thirty BBS” special fund,Jointly organized by Tree of Life Culture Promotion Center, New Reading Research Institute, Beijing Open Book Information Co., LTD., and Beijing Good Future Foundation,And by Meile childhood, times publishing media Co., LTD. 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