Wendi Deng: Survived by three marriages, and since her divorce from Rupert Murdoch, she has made a fortune herself

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Wendi Deng’s ascendant history has always been talked about, in the universal evaluation, this woman all her life for wealth, but has never been true love.But the interesting thing is that even though she spent half her life fighting for fame and fortune and keeping company with rich businessmen, she still lived happily, and there was no sign of fatigue or bitterness in her face.Even though she divorced, she still kept company with Ivanka and other daughters and became Zhang Ziyi’s best friend.Also still with the small fresh meat together in the hot sun happy bask, happy running on the beach, turned a small fresh meat natural and unrestrained kiss, face without half a “old cow eat tender grass” shame.Wendi Deng had three marriages in her life. For the general public, there is a summary of these three marriages: marriage for the pursuit of profit.Her rise to the top was aided by marriage.From her first marriage to Jack Cherry, wendi didn’t love him, just to get a green card through him.In 1988, Wendi stayed with Jack and his wife Joyce, a kind-hearted woman, who did not know wendi wanted their house and her husband as well.Wendi married Jack in early 1990, when wendi was 22 and Jack was a middle-aged man who could be a temporary springboard for her, but not a lock for life.Wendi deng fell in love with the second man in her life, a man named David Wolf. He was young, rich and generous, suitable for a relationship as a cash machine, not suitable for marriage.Because Deng Wendi also understand very well, oneself with such a man between also get what each needs, is each other’s short choice object.Before she met Wolf, Wendi could only attend community college in the US, but Wolf’s financial support helped her get into Yale university, where business degrees for an MBA are so expensive that it would have been nonsense without Wolf’s help.Her marriage to Jack did not end until 1992, when wendi divorced after two years and seven months, four years before she graduated from Yale Business School.With this certificate, Wendi deng confidently flew to Hong Kong in first class, where she ran into Bruce Churchill, the deputy CEO of Star TV. Churchill saw from Wendi Deng’s qualities as a journalist: she was graceful and good at communication, and she could speak fluent English and Cantonese.Before the plane had even landed in Hong Kong, Wendi had won him over and landed an internship.After entering SATELLITE TV, she ranked among the eight senior executives of Star TV, and was the only Chinese woman in the senior management.In 1998, when wendi Met rupert Murdoch at a meeting as a Star TV executive, she grabbed his attention with one line: “Your plans for China are terrible.”Murdoch, who is now interested in developing the Asian market, was intrigued, not offended, by this unstriking Chinese woman, and soon had a deep conversation with Wendi, who took Murdoch into her heart for an hour with a complete business plan.That night, Wendi and Murdoch went to dinner together, and although they talked about business at the dinner, there was a wonderful chemistry between the two of them. They talked about everything and found that they really clicked.There was a joke about Wendi deng that she had gone out of her way to rub shoulders with the rich, and that rich Chinese would be less interested in her when they saw her face.But she played such a big part in Murdoch’s life that Murdoch admired her more than he did Hollywood blondes.A year later, in June 1999, murdoch married Wendi Deng in New York Harbor after a messy divorce from his ex-wife.For this marriage, Wendi Deng firmly said that without the layer of wealth, she and Murdoch’s love is just two people love each other, the outside world does not need to wear colored glasses to judge.They had breakfast and kissed goodbye before going about their business.When Rupert Murdoch came to China on business, his first thought was not to stay in a hotel, but to buy Wendi’s favorite gadgets.Murdoch was passionate, and Wendi returned the favor, but the relationship came to an interlude a decade later.Murdoch was introduced to Tony Blair, the former British prime minister and longtime journalistic ally, after their marriage.Rumor has it that wendi and Rupert murdoch’s divorce was sparked by a flirtatious letter, which addressed Tony in lewd terms and invited Tony to a private farm. Because of this letter, their relationship has been self-evident.And how did Murdoch find the letter?Some say murdoch’s firewall intercepted the ambiguous message, but others suggest it had something to do with An oversight by Wendi, who mistakenly sent the email to another executive named Tony.The executive was so bewildered by the letter that he eventually forwarded it to Mr Murdoch out of loyalty.Murdoch, who was at a dinner party and laughing, got an email, his face darkened and he quickly left to deal with his marital dispute with Wendi deng.Because wendi deng signed a marriage agreement before marriage, she could not share the family property from Murdoch, many people can not help but feel sorry for her, feel that she paid 14 years, only for the outcome of the divorce.But in fact, she won more than people think, marriage is not ironclad, but she brought her own armor, and used the beacon tower of Murdock to cover herself in gold.Wendi deng and Merck during the marriage, know the various fields of bigwigs, to create their own high-quality contacts, but also rely on resources, from the wife of a rich businessman into a real rich family.They say divorce hits women harder, but you don’t see that in Wendi, who has thrived on her divorce from Rupert Murdoch.While Rupert murdoch was married to supermodel Hall, Wendi deng was reportedly dating the 30-year-old Norwegian heiress, who, along with her two daughters, was a guest on Vladimir Putin’s yacht.As speculation swirled about her relationship with Vladimir Putin, she was back in style, playing with a 22-year-old male model on the beach.Wendi Deng has been ambitious all her life, but she can’t keep a low profile. She has been despised but also respected. Maybe the people who despise her and respect her are never the same people.Perhaps the desperate pursuit of wealth of women, not all are satisfied with pleasure and comfort, at least, Wendi Deng’s life in the eyes of others look very tired, but she is happy in it.