Don’t be afraid to be mediocre

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Once a man is infatuated with his weakness, he will remain weak, in the eyes of the people will fall on the street, on the ground, lower than the ground.Milan Kundera’s novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being revolves around the different experiences of several characters and expresses his view of life through their choices about life.Floating life is like a dream, why drunk?Why do the fans?Thomas, the hero, chose to escape from difficulties because of his weakness. As a result, although he had the ideal life he yearned for, he could not break the barriers in his heart and could not face changes. Finally, he was overwhelmed by emptiness.Our reality is a one-way ticket, one time only, no way back.Luxury is happy, but it is more and more difficult to face the real life after waking up, there is no dream, only the passage of life.Once the weak, to the heart of indulgence and compromise, even if you can live a short happiness, will finally meet is still endless pain tomorrow.As the saying in “Hide Your Weakness when It Rains” goes, “If you keep wasting time, time will fail you.Fate puts you in a low place to give you a chance to fight back, not to get you down and down.”Author forest tree is national inspirational bestselling author, as well as new media training teacher, his several articles by the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other well-known media reproduced, published “the hiding his luck” in your kindness “all of the world’s strong, in fact, all depends on the hard shoulder, I dare to live into their favorite appearance such as some of the best seller.The words in this warm and powerful healing book tell readers that easy is never a word in the adult world, and that even if life has a thousand reasons to cry, you have ten thousand reasons to laugh.I hope you are as strong as ever, stand in the light of the place, live into what you want to be.01. Like an insignificant star, emitting its own light, everyone imagines that his life is smooth sailing, and he doesn’t have to accept the blows of life.But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life.Without pain, how can we taste the sweetness of happiness?Most of us are like the stars in the sky, in this world, there is no sun’s brilliant light, there is no moon’s bright and clear, we are ordinary and ordinary people in the masses of that one.In the face of the sudden disaster, we will be ordinary people’s pain, boredom, will be decadent, and even want to give up all.However, whose life is not rough, whose life is achieved overnight?As the author puts it: “We have all been vulnerable, but we will eventually be invulnerable.”Life is yourself, if you are not strong, no one for you strong.Their choice of road, kneel also want to finish.Only in this way can we live the way we want to live, and shine our own light like an insignificant star.Besides, plain sailing life is boring, full of joys and sorrows of life is worth walking on.02 spend more time to work hard, less kung fu hypocritical “hypocritical” but human nature, think and once, the mood as the night general wanton cover, weekdays high built up the heart wall collapsed, finally knead the eyelash still with water drops of pupil, said in a subdued voice: “really, and hypocritical.”Who has not been the midnight lost boy lang, the mood I do not know where to look for return.But what problem does that solve?Failure in exams is still there, and mistakes at work are still unaddressed.Life will not be because of our momentary hypocritical, all the difficulties will be solved, life will not be because of our momentary muddle will stay at the moment.Rather than waste time, it is better to find a way out.Lu Xun also said: “There is no road on the earth, but when more people walk, it becomes a road.”We should not be trapped by the temporary darkness, but should actively take the light to find the way.It’s not what they give you, it’s what you kill yourself.If you want to go further, you need to spend more time and work hard. After all, no one can predict what the future will be like. Only by making yourself stronger can you cope with the unknown future freely.Tagore swept away the negative emotions by saying, “The world has kissed me with pain and asked me to repay it with songs.” Tagore let people find beauty in suffering.Life is an endless struggle against all kinds of difficulties, a battle with a number of enemies.”Even if you fail in the end, it’s still a success, because the experience you gain in the process is invaluable, and when you get the chance again, it changes everything.”As Tagore said: “the sky left no trace of wings, but I have flown.”We can’t go back to the past, we can’t predict the future, the only thing we can do is grasp the present.Do not read the past, not afraid of the future, let the present day rich and wonderful, to see the long-awaited dawn.Just as the author said in his book, “When you finally reach the place you want to go, you will be surprised to find that everything you have gone through before is the only way to get here. You could not have made you who you are today by taking one step less.