Han anran denies that he is in love: at 23, he has only divorced twice and had five or six relationships

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Han Anran discharged from the hospital, the state better than before a lot, the mood is no longer so irritable.The doctor said that she should not suffer any more, and that she should take medicine every day and go to the hospital for regular check-ups.But as long as she is connected to the Internet, it is impossible to stay away from online violence.Han Anran was rumored to have been married five times during her live broadcast a few days ago, and some people said she had been divorced three times.Do not know these people, what kind of attitude to slander Han Ran, even if you do not like her, can not say?Han Anran explained in the studio, she is not so rich in love experience, netizens are nonsense.She says she is 23 years old and has only been divorced twice, with the same person.This person is, of course, piggy, and the two have remarried once.In fact, that remarriage, and what is not necessary, Mr. Pig is holding a purpose, with him to get a marriage certificate.Two people two married not long, that marriage also announced the end, it is because of Mr Pig, Han Anran’s bipolar disorder is aggravating.She denied that she had been divorced five times, but said she could not have had such a rich experience in love. She had only had five or six relationships in her life.For an adult, five or six relationships are not that many.One thing that needs to be questioned is that if two people have intimate relationship without official announcement, is it a relationship?If in Han Anran’s understanding, this situation is not in love, then she experienced men, far more than five or six.We all know that rich people’s love life is often complicated and chaotic.Around is a group of what kind of people, they will become what kind of people, Han Anran know those net red, must not have a few clean.The best way to treat Han Anran is to live an ordinary life away from the Internet, rather than coming back to continue to be a net red.As long as she is still in contact with this profession, she will face all kinds of online violence, and her heart is relatively fragile, easy to be hit.Other net red is ridiculed as ugly, even if the in the mind will not think too much, and Han Anran is very serious, immediately prepare a new set of plastic surgery plan.Sometimes it’s not that she wants plastic surgery, but that she continues to do it because the netizens laugh at her.How could anyone be happy living in someone else’s world?Han’s experience suggests that if you can’t handle negative feedback, simply avoid the person making it.People’s life is so long, why to give yourself a hard time?Let Han Anran leave the network red, natural is impossible, all her sources of income are from live with goods, how can exit?The child’s education fee of a year is 300 thousand, may still have a second child later, not much how to make money to survive?The life of the rich may not be as easy as we imagine. Those who earn thousands of yuan a month may only spend a few yuan on a meal.And a month income of millions of people, a meal may be tens of thousands of yuan, spend less still afraid of their price.Identity is their own bundle, Han Anran everything is required to use the best, the cost of living can not be low to where to go.I only hope that she can slowly change her attitude and not be hit by strangers so easily. You know, most people who don’t like her are not as good as her.This article is the author’s original, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited