Maximum price 15 yuan!The test is temporarily covered in Texas

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In order to effectively respond to the changes in the epidemic situation and effectively carry out epidemic prevention and control, according to the relevant requirements of the Provincial Healthcare Security Bureau, dezhou Novel Coronavirus antigen testing items and test reagents are temporarily included in the payment scope of the Medical insurance Fund. According to the requirements, public medical institutions shall charge for novel Coronavirus antigen testing in the form of “price item + test reagent”.The total cost shall not exceed 15 YUAN per time, of which, the maximum price of the project is 5 yuan per time. The policy of zero deviation for testing reagents (including sampling instruments) shall be implemented according to the actual purchase price of medical institutions.General diagnosis and treatment fees (outpatient examination fees, registration fees) are exempted in public medical institutions for novel Coronavirus antigen tests alone.No fee shall be charged for the “Novel Coronavirus antigen test” for self-testing by patients.In the aspect of payment standard, the medical and health institutions at the grassroots level, accompanied by respiratory tract, symptoms such as fever and symptoms within 5 days of ginseng to keep staff, will be coronavirus antigen detection project and detection reagent (including sampling apparatus) into temporary medical insurance fund to pay limits, reference b directory management, payment as stipulated in the ginseng to current medical insurance policy in nucleic acid detection.The part of individual burden after medical insurance payment and the funds needed by uninsured personnel shall be subsidized by the finance at the same level of basic medical institutions.Novel Coronavirus antigens, like viral nucleic acids, are specific substances in the virus itself.Generally speaking, novel coronavirus infection can be determined by detecting viral nucleic acids, antigens and specific antibodies produced by the body after infection.Antigen tests, like nucleic acid tests, can tell whether a person is infected with the Novel coronavirus.Q: Why should novel Coronavirus antigen tests be carried out?Nowadays, there are many asymptomatic infected people, and the operation of antigen detection is simple and fast, making self-detection convenient.As an important supplement to nucleic acid testing, screening out possible infected persons at the first time helps to control the source of infection in a timely manner.Q: What is the difference between antigen testing and nucleic acid testing?Nucleic acid tests measure RNA and antigen tests measure coat proteins.1. Advantages of antigen detection: simple and fast, the results can be obtained in 10-15 minutes, and individuals can conduct self-examination, which is conducive to early triage and rapid management of suspected population.Disadvantages: Slightly less sensitive.2. Advantages of nucleic acid testing: higher sensitivity.Disadvantages: Nucleic acid test needs to be equipped with special equipment, after professional training personnel can operate, obtain the results of a long time, at least 2-3 hours.At present, nucleic acid tests remain the basis for confirming novel coronavirus infection, and antigen tests can be used as a complement to nucleic acid tests.Q: Which populations are suitable for novel Coronavirus antigen testing?1. People who visit primary medical and health service institutions with respiratory and fever symptoms within 5 days.2. Quarantine observation personnel, including home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact, entry quarantine observation, sealed area and controlled area personnel.3. People who need antigen detection.Residents with symptoms such as fever, cough and fear of infection with the Novel Coronavirus should take a self-test.Due to the slightly poor sensitivity of antigen detection, it is mostly used for the detection of high-risk and high-prevalence clusters of infection, and the general population should not be randomly tested for antigen.Past content review writing new graphic ■ Dezhou city, pick the “star”!A residential new house leakage!Builder: Save more to repair together…During qingming Festival, Dezhou suspended on-site mourning activities