Nine strictly forbidden!High school recruitment measures for 2022 have been announced in Guangdong

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On March 28, the guangdong province in 2022 the measures for the implementation of high school school enrollment work release (hereinafter referred to as “method”) with clear every high-quality high school should arrange not less than 50% of the student enrollment mainly allocated directly to the area by number of junior high school students all the secondary schools (including private) and appropriate to the weak junior middle school, the countryside junior middle school course contests is forbidden, “MrThe measures proposed to cancel all kinds of bonus bonus policies for ordinary senior high schools.Schools are strictly forbidden to link the scores of various discipline competitions, “Olympic Games” scores, social art examinations and specialty ratings with the admission of students.We will adjust and standardize the plans and preferential policies for senior high school students to receive additional points for examination and enrollment, accurately determine the eligibility requirements for additional points or preferential treatment, and appropriately lower the additional points.Preferential treatment policies for children of servicemen (including active servicemen, martyrs, soldiers who died in the line of duty and soldiers who died of illness), heroes of public security, disabled public security police who died in the line of duty and grassroots cadres who died in the line of duty shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations when they enter senior high schools.If the same examinee meets the conditions of multiple additional score or preferential treatment policies, only one score with the largest range can be taken, and the score of other items can not be added together.According to the measures, the nine PRD municipalities should actively improve and further implement the policy of allowing Hong Kong and Macao residents or their children to take the exam in Guangdong.We need to optimize the qualification review process to ensure that all eligible children living with them can take local high school exams and enroll on an equal basis with local students.To the examinee that does not accord with the entry place to enter oneself for an examination condition because of special reason, entry place takes an examination to recruit an organization to want to coordinate outflow place to give steady solution actively, return outflow place to attend high school stage school examination and recruit students in principle.Senior high schools formulate independent enrollment plans according to their own school-running goals, positioning and characteristics.The proportion of independent enrollment of public schools should be controlled within 10% of the annual enrollment plan of the schools, and outstanding students with academic expertise or innovation potential should be selected.Sports, art, science and technology and other special characteristics are included in the scope of independent enrollment.It should be noted that, except for sports, art and minor languages, all cities can recruit students within the city limits, other types of independent enrollment should implement the territorial enrollment policy and recruit students within the specified territorial limits.Ordinary senior high schools undertaking the task of training special talents of the State shall recruit students according to the original approved methods.This year, Guangdong will maintain the general vocational ratio of senior high school education roughly equal, scientifically formulate and strictly implement the enrollment plan of regular senior high school and secondary vocational school, and promote the coordinated development of ordinary senior high school and secondary vocational education.For cities with insufficient academic degree resources in ordinary senior high schools, the administrative departments of education of the places where the students are exported and the cities where the students are imported shall jointly report to the provincial Department of Education for the record and arrange the cross-city enrollment plan.The transfer enrollment plan of trans-municipal secondary vocational schools shall be published uniformly by the province, and the through-through training plan of middle and higher vocational schools (including the five-year system and the three and two sections) shall be reviewed and published uniformly by the province.All schools shall recruit students in strict accordance with the enrollment plan, scope, time, standards and methods of senior high schools approved by the Department of Education and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and shall not change the enrollment plan at will, so as to enhance the transparency and seriousness of the enrollment plan.Public high schools located in county towns (including counties and cities without districts) should recruit students inside their own counties.Public ordinary high schools located in urban areas divided into districts or cities shall enroll students in certain urban areas approved by the education departments of the districts or cities.The enrollment of privately-run ordinary high schools shall be under the unified management of local education administrative departments, and the enrollment scope shall be consistent with that of local public ordinary high schools.In addition to the provincial department of education agreed to carry out cross-city recruitment of ordinary high schools, other ordinary high schools shall not cross-city recruitment, shall not recruit students who did not participate in the local city entrance examination.Province educates to take an examination of courtyard concerned responsible person reminds, high school stage school freshman classics enter an entrance examination, after examination is qualified be admitted, deal with register formalities to the school inside the prescribed time, namely access study in school, obtain school status.Without the approval of the university, students who fail to register at the university within the prescribed time limit will not be allowed to retain their admission qualification and establish school status.● It is strictly prohibited in any form to organize recruitment in advance, interview recruitment, over-planned recruitment, illegal cross-regional recruitment;● It is strictly forbidden for ordinary high schools to collect students’ application intentions and personal information through wechat official accounts or wechat mini programs;● It is strictly prohibited to apply for mixed enrollment between schools and transfer schools after enrollment.● Private schools participating in the public schools are strictly prohibited to solicit students in the name of public schools;● It is strictly prohibited to select students for the purpose of all kinds of examinations jointly organized with social training institutions, or to use the examination results organized by social training institutions as the basis of enrollment;● It is strictly prohibited to compete for students by means of high material rewards, tuition exemption and false publicity;● Students who have been admitted to secondary vocational schools are strictly prohibited;● It is strictly prohibited to recruit students on loan, separation of nationality and empty registration;● It is strictly prohibited to announce, publicize and hype the “Top scorer” and the enrollment rate.