Stock price consolidation form!Empty at the anode, more than at the end of the Yin, the stock must learn the six classic K line form

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In morphology, “if there is no new high, there will be a new low; if there is no new low, there will be a new high”, which is the theory of judging the trend strength or variable disk signal from the morphology.Yin and Yang in the “empty in the anode, more than the end of the Yin” is a countertrend approach, but also the stock market investors must master the technology.Let’s learn the article about the form of K line, the title is: “fry stocks must learn six classic K line form”.One of the classical forms: platform consolidation main features: A, K line combination form in the overall horizontal arrangement, the most obvious feature of this form is the 5-day average horizontal shape, (K line entity is very small, small “+ shape”, “T shape”, “inverted T shape”, narrow amplitude).B. It is usually built within 10 trading days (occasionally more than).C. The 10-day moving average maintains an upward momentum (contributing to the lateral moving 5-day moving average).D. At the end of the platform construction, there will generally (but not absolutely) appear the phenomenon of “small K line” (extremely shrinking trading volume, in the shape of sesame dots).This is the platform consolidation pattern.Classic form of two: five – day moving average bent to ten main features: A, 10 strong moving average up.B. The 5-day average bends below the line and moves closer to the 10-day average, but it will not go below the 10-day average (or the range is very small and quickly recovers).C, K line may fall in 5 days 10 daily average line, “do not care about the day K line above or below, even down the Yin line is not small, as long as the amount is not too large, and then the early high is not obvious head, accompanied by a lot of turnover is not worth paying attention to”.This is the form of “five bends and ten”.Classic form three: the main characteristics of the callback form: A, the share price down deep range.B. The 5-day moving average easily crosses the 10-day moving average and remains below the 10-day moving average for several trading days.C. After stopping the fall and stabilizing, the bottom consolidation will be maintained for several days, and then rise again.A correction pattern refers to a decline in an uptrend on the premise that the uptrend has not changed, and is not comparable to the formation of several waves of downtrend correction.The symbol of callback: A, K line entities are very small, small “+ shape”, “T shape”, “inverted T shape”, narrow amplitude.B, the amount of small K line, the volume is extremely atrophy, a sesame point shape.C, after the lowest share price, there is a small K line day by day higher trend.This is a callback pattern.Main characteristics: A, the form is to start A day after the Yang line did not follow the continuous rise, but stopped to stagflation finishing, its one-day performance form mainly includes small shadow, cross star, small Yin line, belly fetus and so on.B. Only one day after retracing, the small K line in the middle or big Yang belt has just driven the five-day average upward, and there is a large distance between the K line and the five-day average.C, in addition, the volume of the return is large and small, unlike the other two finishing form should be shrinking.This is the refile mode.The main characteristics of the classic form five: brief finishing form: A, brief finishing form, longer than the return file finishing A day, long is not much, that is, two to three days, brief finishing is the most common among the three small forms.B, short finishing form, trading volume will likely decrease to the amount, there is no sign of the head, there is a five-day line top.This is a transient collation pattern.Classic form six: slightly long finishing form main characteristics: A, slightly long finishing and longer than A few days, one to two days more.Because the end K line is sometimes a 5-day moving average through the chamber, therefore, a slightly longer finishing form is more ugly than a short finishing form.B, there is also a 5-day average temporarily not to help rise, instead of the point of view is a slightly longer arrangement formed by the entity box.C, the longest slightly longer arrangement is no more than five days, if more than five days, the stock will press the 5-day moving average to go flat, and then bend the 5-day moving average.If so, it would be tantamount to changing the shape of technology.What needs to be explained here is: as long as the 5-day moving average is flat or bent down, the form that appears again does not belong to the category of band, belong to the trend of things outside the band, then need to use the platform of large form, five bends ten, callback to deal with.This is a slightly longer arrangement.