TVB crime drama sympathetic murderer, Criminal Investigation Files 2 chau Wing kin, The Revenge of the Sparrow

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In the final case of Detective Files 2, Gao Jie is an innocent victim.Zhang Dayong and Gao Jie on and off, finally get married, into the palace.Gao Jie wore a white wedding dress, smiling like flowers, and received blessings from friends and relatives.But during the wedding, Gao Jie suddenly fainted.It happened that The director of Ward Hospital Ni Boyan passed by and came to give First aid to Gao Jie.Ni Boyyan examination, suggested to send to the hospital for treatment.Ni told Zhang dayong and Gao’s mother that the brain CT found a shadow on Gao Jie’s brain, which may be a blood clot or a tumor. The specific nature is not clear yet.But the mass pressed on the brain’s most sensitive nerve line, causing Gao Jie to fall into a coma, and the operation was extremely risky.Between the lines, President Ni did not recommend gao Jie to have surgery.Gao Jie’s condition did not improve and she remained in a coma.Zhang was so sad that he could only watch the video of their wedding day over and over again, recalling the happiness of that time.Dayong accidentally found that there is ni Boyyan in the video, gao Jie fainted before he was in the vicinity.He rushed to help Gao Jie as soon as she fainted, as if he knew gao Jie was going to faint.Dayong also found a man sneaking past Gao Jie before she fainted.Big yong recognized this figure is ward hospital doctor Wang Zhongxin, he is also Ni Boyyan’s son-in-law.Ni Boyyan Weng son-in-law is very suspicious, big yong suspected Ni Boyyan and Wang Zhongxin deliberately dizzy Gao Jie.Big yong regardless of Ni Boyyan block, for Gao Jie turned the hospital.The doctor did an examination for Gao Jie, and found that her brain did not have any problems, Ni Boyyan to dayong they see the CT film is not Gao Jie.The doctor also found that Gao Jie had been injected with an overdose of sedatives, so she had been unconscious.Gao Jie was indeed ni Boyan and Wang Zhongxin deliberately confused.Gao Jie’s old classmate Lin Caini is wang zhongxin’s subordinate nurse and also his lover.She suddenly fell to her death upstairs at Ward hospital.The police ruled that it was suicide, but Gao Jie did not believe that Lin Caini would commit suicide.Lin Caini had met Gao Jie before she died, and she had said that she would not lose sight of it, and that she would die with Wang Zhongxin.The night she died, she said she wanted to have a showdown with Ong, and she had something on him.Gao Jie suspected that Lin caini was pushed downstairs by Wang Zhongxin, so she chased after Wang Zhongxin and scolded him.Ni Boyyan and Wang Zhongxin felt guilty. They did not know how many secrets Gao Jie knew.In order to silence Gao Jie, Wang zhongxin injected a sedative into gao Jie at her wedding site while the crowd was chaotic.Ni Boyan was waiting for Gao Jie. As soon as she fainted, he pretended to encounter her and then sent her to their hospital for treatment. After that, he injected gao Jie with sedatives so that she could not wake up.The family doesn’t know medicine, so of course the doctor says what he wants.Fortunately, Zhang Dayong found a hint in the video, timely for Gao Jie transferred to the hospital, otherwise in ni Boyyan artificial injury into a vegetable.Wang Zhongxin and Ni Boyan injury to Gao Jie let Zhang Dayong furious.He angrily came to ni to find them, at this time, the police received a report, found ni Boyyan’s body, then Wang Zhongxin was also killed.Mrs Ni told Zhang Dayong, someone blackmail Ni Boyyan, said he died his wife.Mrs. Ni heard Ni Boyyan and son-in-law Wang Zhongxin to discuss, give him one million plugging up his mouth.This “he” was the blackmailer.Later the blackmailer called again, Ni Boyyan hurried out of the door, never came back.Ni Boyan was stabbed in the heart with a scalpel, the neck wrapped in wire, the most strange is wearing a doctor’s robe.The same is true of Ong’s death.Li Zhongyi analysis, Ni Boyan and Wang Zhongxin’s doctor’s robe should be the murderer specially let them wear, intended to accuse them of diagnosis error, killed his wife.Li Zhongyi believes that the killer of Ni Boyan should be the husband of one of his female patients.In the data that Xiao Meng finds from the hospital, there is a female patient to call Su Caiyu, a month and a half ago died from blood cancer.This su Caiyu’s husband he chengcai is most suspicious.An intern who was in charge of Su caiyu came to the police station to provide her treatment.Su was admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer, but the patient and her husband, He Chengcai, never gave up.They knew he was an authoritative expert on cancer, so they came to the doctor with hope.But a month ago, Su’s condition suddenly deteriorated and she needed emergency treatment.But because Wang Zhongxin loose bowels, can not be timely to the hospital to participate in treatment, can only be rescued by the intern.In the end, Su Caiyu could not be rescued and died.However, He chengcai became very angry and cursed Ong Zhongxin, saying that he would kill him.So everyone suspected he chengcai was the murderer.But He just disappeared, and the police couldn’t find him anywhere.In the process that seeks he Chengcai, Zhang Dayong found Zhou Yongjian of he Chengcai’s primary school classmate.Under a question, they and Zhang Dayong turned out to be alumni.They talked about the past, Zhou yongjian said his nickname is Thin Monkey, he Chengcai called chunk.Something special happened to them when they were little.Chunk is withdrawn and does not like to play with other children.He had a collarbird and only played with his own.Who knows, the thin monkey strangled a large piece of colorful finch wire.The angry chunk poked the lean monkey’s arm with a can knife.Mr. Zhou showed Mr. Zhang the L-shaped scar from the wound.Childhood events that he Chengcai character violent, because of the death of his wife, he killed The possibility of A very large Wealth.In this way, he Chengcai is more suspected.The police even believe that Lin Caini may not have committed suicide, but he chengcai killed.Later Zhou Yongjian went to the police to find Zhang Dayong, said he Chengcai may want to kill him.He said that when he strangled the colorful bird he Chengcai with wire, now Ni Boyyan and Wang Zhongxin neck wire, may be he Chengcai in warning him, he did not forget twenty years ago.In addition, he introduced he Chengcai to take his wife to ni Boyyan hospital treatment, now Su Caiyu died, he felt he Chengcai angry at him, want to kill him revenge.Mr. Zhou’s remarks seemed to confirm that Mr. He was responsible for the murders of Mr. Ni and Mr. Ong.He Chengcai has not been found, but the case is incidental.The police found someone blackmailing Mrs. Ni.Mrs. Ni took a million dollars in cash to the park to hand over.Dayong Zhang they caught the blackmailer.The man, Wu Manda, denied extortion and said he deserved it.Two years ago, Wu Manda’s wife looked for Ni Boyyan to see a doctor.But Ni made a mistake between his wife’s medical record and another patient’s, and his wife’s bowel cancer missed the best treatment time and eventually died.Ni Boyyan in order to let him keep a secret, promised to give him ten thousand dollars a month.Now Ni Boyyan died, he to Mrs. Ni to one million, one-time closure.He chengcai found, but found a body.His cause of death is the same as That of Mr. Ni Boyan, who was stabbed in the heart and bled too much, and his neck was wrapped with wire.In this way, chunk he Chengcai is not the murderer.Who is the real killer?Zhang dayong recalled Wu manda saying that his wife’s medical records were mixed up with those of another patient.Wu’s wife was a victim, so was the other patient!The real killers are the families of the Ni Boyan patients.Li Zhongyi checks the data of the patient in the hospital, the patient that discovers mixed medical record with wu manda’s wife is Zhou Yongjian’s wife Li Meixian actually.Ng’s wife is Lam Mei-yee, whose English spelling is very similar to Lai Mei-yin’s.At the same time, Zhang dayong also found that He chengcai’s arm also has a can knife wound scar, but it is on the right arm.Zhou’s scar is on his left arm.He chengcai was stabbed by someone else, so the scar is on his right arm.Zhou yongjian stabbed himself, using his right hand, so the scar is on his left arm.Zhang Dayong suddenly understand, he Chengcai is the thin monkey, Zhou Yongjian is a chunk.Chou is the one who killed three people!Zhang dayong arrested Zhou Yongjian, zhou yongjian and his wife but took poison to commit suicide.His wife was not resuscitated and he was treated to regain consciousness.A cool-headed Mr Zhou recounted the story.Zhou’s wife, Li Meixian, originally had a common case of enteritis, but Ni boyan confused her medical records with those of Lin Meiyi, a bowel cancer patient.By the time Ong found out, she had been given radiation treatment for cancer.In order to keep the reputation of cancer authority, Ni Boyyan and Wang Zhongxin decided to continue to li Meixian radioactive treatment, below the action of excessive radiation, make normal cells carcinogens, make Li Meixian into real cancer patients.Originally Zhou Yongjian won’t know this secret, nurse Lin Caini is wang Zhongxin’s lover, Wang Zhongxin refuses to divorce tardy, in order to retaliate against the Wang Zhongxin that abandons her, she told Zhou Yongjian the truth.Lin Caini had known the truth, but watched Li Meixian become ni Boyyan white mice.Now she has fallen out with Ong and told Zhou.Zhou Yongjian angrily pushed Lin Caini off the floor.Lin Caini is neither suicide, nor wang Zhongxin killed, is zhou Yongjian killed.Zhou then arranged a date with Ni and Ong, killed them and tied wire around their necks to frame He.Zhou never forgot that he chengcai strangled his childhood bird with a wire.He strangled thin Monkey with a wire to avenge his colorful bird.Now mei Xian is his colorful bird, he killed Ni Boyyan, Wang Zhongxin, Lin Caini revenge for Mei Xian.Ni Boyyan and Wang Zhongxin have no medical benevolence, diagnosis errors are not corrected in time, but will be wrong, the patient’s ordinary enteritis urge into cancer, really deserve to die.Zhou Yongjian had an unfortunate childhood, but he was lucky to meet his beloved and finally got happiness.But his happy life was snuffed out by unscrupulous doctors, which is indeed pitiful.But he blamed he Chengcai, and killed him, it is too cruel, He Chengcai is also an unfortunate person.The most innocent is Gao Jie, in the murder case caused by the medical accident, was injected with excessive sedative by Ni Boyyan and fell into a long-term coma.I finally woke up, but I lost my memory.She did not know anyone, especially zhang Dayong, and the mood of rejection.It really drives Dayong crazy.This is also regarded as his betrayal of this relationship, and Lanjiawen together with punishment bar!Digression: at that time Wei Junjie has not starred in “tuo Gun teacher elder sister”, shaping the classic Cheng Feng.Lai yiu-cheung is also young and tender, with collagen all over his face.But their acting is amazing.