These types of men, you love again, also do not touch

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“Men are afraid of entering the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.” In a relationship, it is not easy for a woman to choose a suitable object. It depends on the other’s character, family affairs, work potential, sense of responsibility, and whether she is faithful to herself in the future.Especially in this fast-paced life, relying on blind dates, Internet, boyfriends introduced by others, not in-depth understanding of them, women will have some doubts.This is beyond reproach, after all, to marry people, is to want to a lifetime of a pair of people, and do not want to be troubled by feelings halfway, make unhappy, each get off, each to find happiness.If in this relationship, suffered a serious trauma, even the courage to love again have no.So, what kind of man, woman again like also want to restrain, do not let oneself fall into the emotional vortex, let oneself alone dejection.1, negative pessimistic man this type of man is always a deep, a pair of others do not understand the way, always complain about the injustice of god, there is a cynical negative state.This kind of man is not desirable, he will make your life full of sadness, withdrawn and negative character.He thought that life was full of pain, and this life was doomed to his tragic role, with no happy life.Woman is not the Virgin Mary, can not save his heart of grief, he immersed in his own world, blocked the door of the heart, women are just afraid, with him will only be painful, can not open his heart door.Love with him is just a flash in the pan, not for a long time, no woman will endure loneliness and loneliness, plus full of negative emotions.2 man, career-driven, flowers and applause, wealth and status, all everything as a symbol of “achievement”, is their life’s party desires a man, weak family values is in their heart, they like to pursue career in business, dedication, like the pursuit of success, the pursuit of superiority, like in the spotlight is on.Such a man will look at the cause of the very heavy, for family neglect care, lack of care for love, their dividing line is very strong, marry a daughter-in-law is to do good housework for themselves, ask his wife to be virtuous and diligent, understand their obsession with the cause.If you are a woman who needs more attention and companionship, don’t choose a career man because you can’t stand being alone for a long time.This type of men in the selection of women, are the focus of choice, to their career of women who have a strong family background.In their hearts, there is only a balance of rights. A woman is just a person who can bring himself a cup of hot coffee when he is tired, and can understand and support a woman who quietly accompanies him.When you meet a male chauvinist, you will feel that your whole person may be dominated by him, and you have no control over your own life.Because you fall in love with him, many times you will lose yourself in constant compromise.Male chauvinism of men, their bones on the dissemination of “male inferior” thought.When you find out that the other person is a perfect type of male chauvinist, you feel like your whole life is going to suck, except to accept it, and to resist it hurts.A perfect man does not allow himself to make mistakes, of course, the woman around him also needs to be perfect, according to his thoughts, according to his ideas.His expression is serious, unsmiling, cold, not too much emotional color, possessive, conservative thinking, he thinks things, will not be easily changed.A woman married to such a man, unless it is a willing to listen to the command of other leadership of the woman, otherwise after marriage a chicken feathers, by those harsh requirements to make frequent contradictions.Of course, in addition to these, there are mother treasure male, and the opposite sex boundary feeling is not strong man, man of great ambition and talent, overambitious man, eager to get married man, bad hobby man, and psychological unsound, narrow-minded, psychological dark man.Such a man, the woman needs to consider carefully, do not let yourself choose a “pit” for yourself, into the pit and then want to come out, there will be a lot of reluctant, not feelings, but your pay.