Fantasy Journey to the West: the player identified an artifact eight trigram, various attributes are the limit

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Fantasy Journey to the West presents wonderful anecdotes every day.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!A player on the general server has only identified five weapons of level 100, the eight diagrams, and the following is the best, which is almost full of wounds and hits.More outrageous is, but also added more than 20 points of strength and a delicate special effects!Therefore, the weapon must have burst.It is a true jewel of Lingbo.The seller offered 9,000 yuan, which was a bit high, but not too much.As for why this player likes to identify this weapon, it is because he also identified five bagua two days ago, and produced a good damage never wear, so he felt and this weapon has a lot of fate, so he only identified the weapon.A player on the World Channel saw someone selling a painted pupil at a low price.He looked at it. At first he didn’t see anything unusual, but when he saw the magic properties, he understood.It turned out that the number Lord added the wrong point, no wonder will sell so cheap ah, magic and strength of the four words of the gap is so big, he is closed eyes to add the point……The player made 10 pieces of baby equipment today, only out of the following one looking good.He couldn’t find similar equipment in the treasure room, so he had to ask someone else.Better not to ask, but worse to ask.Some say it’s only worth more than $200, some say it’s worth $1,000.The player thought it would be a wise decision if I chose the middle price, so he offered 650 yuan, but to his surprise, he was given a second just after the protection period.He realized that he might be low.Xiaobian searched the price of the full suit for him, and found that the baby equipment can be sold for 800 yuan.