Nail on the head!Wang Hailin comments on The National football team: no fight, the world’s “laziest” team

2022-06-11 0 By

In just two days, Chinese fans have experienced the so-called “fire and ice”, with the “ice” referring to the performance of the Men’s team and the “fire” referring to the women’s team.Yes, on the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, for the first time, both Chinese men’s and women’s football teams will have official matches held at the same time. The men’s and women’s football teams will compete in the Asian Qualifiers for the World Cup (hereinafter referred to as the Asian Qualifiers).Men’s performance: Lost in a week to Japan, 0-2, and Vietnam, 1-3.Losing 2-0 to Japan was excusable, given the strength gap, but losing to Vietnam, which had been at the bottom of the group for seven consecutive defeats, was not.With this loss, the men’s soccer team has officially said goodbye to the preliminary World Cup, and fans will wait for another four years.Women’s performance: Beat Chinese Taipei, Iran and Vietnam in two weeks, 4-0, 7-0 and 3-1 (the opposite of the men’s).In the most important semi-final, the women’s soccer team eliminated Japan, a former World Cup champion, on penalties.After defeating Japan, the women’s football team will face South Korea in the final. This time, we have a good chance to get another Asian Cup title!The same are representative of Chinese football teams, why the performance gap between men and women will be so big?Famous scriptwriter Wang Hailin (famous for “Ji Xiaolan”) pointed out the problem to the point: no fight, the world’s “laziest” team!Wang hailin believes that The National football team (men’s football team) runs at full speed less than Vietnam and defends with “eye defense” without any interference to the opposing side’s wide passers.When we attack, there is no player to return and reverse penetration, when confronted with no player to meet, everyone is “standing dead” there, do not know how to train at ordinary times;No fight, “laziest” team in the world!As A veteran football fan, Wang hailin has been watching Chinese football for at least 30 years. He has been following Chinese football since the A-A era, whether it is men’s or women’s football, or even the Second League.This time Wang Hailin comments on the performance of the men’s football team can be described as “hit the nail on the head”, said too right, the men’s football team is really no fight.Look at the women’s football team, in the situation of 1-0 down, and the important player Wang Shuang was injured, they managed to tie the score to 2-2, and finally eliminated the former World Cup champion Japan in the penalty shoot-out final. When has the men’s football team ever had such a passionate performance?Now you know there’s a reason why the “three black minutes” always happen to men’s soccer.In my opinion, if men’s football team wants to make progress, it must modestly learn from women’s football girls the “spirit of women’s football” that dares to fight and never accepts defeat.Men’s football soldiers, can long dim sum bar, big New Year’s day, don’t give you more!