Pubei County Branch of PSBC was praised by the local government for its development of “Guihuidai”

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, Pubei County branch of POSTAL Savings Bank has been praised by the Pubei County People’s Government for its outstanding achievements in promoting “Guihuidai”.According to introducing, in 2021, the post office bank of pubei county belongs sub-branch carry out comprehensive strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee about the financial work, earnestly implement the autonomous region in-depth development of high quality “GuiHui credit support” guangxi economy development plan “(cassia ZhengBan hair [2020] no. 92) file spirit, improve the political stance, strengthen political bear,We will implement the guihui Loans to support high-quality development of local economies.Giving full play to the leading role of party construction, taking “Guihuidai” as the starting point to serve the real economy and people’s life, we set up special work classes to coordinate and promote various work of “Guihuidai”.The “Guihui loan” of 168.25 million yuan was distributed throughout the year, benefiting 99 market entities and transferring profits of 3.3602 million yuan for customers, which was fully recognized by pubei County government.The relevant person in charge of the sub-branch said that they would cherish the honor, continue to improve the ability of financial precision services, deepen the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.(Xu Wenkun) (Edited by: Xu Jing-wen, Huang Yu-mei)