The ice queen Lindsey Vonn’s bright life and fierce love history, its dog blood degree exceeds the female star

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The 2019 French Open is in full swing.Inside the stadium, players sweat, outside the stadium, reporters’ cameras scan rows of spectators.In the audience, a couple frequently show their love. Their appearance is very eye-catching in one black and one white. The girl’s temperament and facial features are obviously better than ordinary people, and the boy is particularly strong, so that people can hardly not notice their existence.Lindsey Vonn, arguably America’s most beautiful athlete, and her new boyfriend, a Hockey player from Nashville, Canada.Sue’s class.The goddess of the Winter Olympics is no longer alive, but she’s still alive.A week before the alpine skiing competition at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.Lindsey Vaughn was training when she noticed her calf was badly bruised and the pain was deep in her bones as she walked.The girl who had played internationally for the U.S. national team knew she had a calf injury, but she didn’t say anything about it. She was seeded for the U.S. team at the Winter Olympics, and she wanted to win.An unseasonably warm winter in Vancouver bought Lindsey Vonn time.Lindsey Vonn refused a pre-race X-ray to hide her injury on the podium at the Winter Olympics and walked off the track as if nothing had happened.She will take part in all five events in alpine skiing, including downhill and giant slalom.The intensity of the descent is very strong, her style has always been wild and wild, on the court is not afraid.Eventually, Lindsey Vonn won the downhill, becoming the first American woman to win a gold medal in the event.After the race, everyone knew she had a fractured tibia.Lindsey Vonn has won 82 world championships and 19 years in the sport. She is also famous for her glass physique. She has suffered fractures, torn ligaments, torn tendons, concussions and so on.It’s all home cooked.You can imagine how much she paid for her grades.Lindsay Vaughn in addition to outstanding skiing skills, she is a top beauty, in the United States has a very high popularity, known as the “ski princess.”Lindsay vaughn vaughn lindsay in the game more than 170 cm tall and shape up after lordosis, and have a lot of temperament, her delicate face many fans crazy, put her as a goddess of dream, with outstanding appearance condition, lindsay vaughn has many suitors, and Tiger Woods had a touching romance, love affairs is very rich.Instead, she revealed that she had suffered from depression for years, and only challenges stimulated her.This is a woman with a legendary career and personal life, but she insists she’s just a human being.Come on, tell the lindsey Vonn story today.Lindsey Vonn was born to an Irish father and a German-Norwegian mother, and it’s possible these mixed genes have contributed to her good looks.Lindsey Vonn’s first skiing teacher was her grandfather, who taught her sons and grandchildren how to ski and play at a ski resort he built near their home in Milton, Wis.Vaughn’s father was a national junior ski champion, and Vaughn started skiing at age 2.When Vaughn showed a flair for the sport, her mother began driving her 16 hours to get professional training.At 16, Lindsey Vonn was a member of the U.S. national team, and at 17 she won sixth place in the all-around at the Salt Lake City Games.Thomas, lindsey Vonn’s first husband, appeared during this period.”I started dating him when I was 18,” she recalled years later.Her husband Thomas is her peer and even coach, the man who inspired Lindsey Vonn emotionally and professionally.Lindsey Vonn got married in 2007 when she was just 23 years old.The marriage was the pinnacle of Lindsey Vonn’s career, as she went from talented athlete to ice queen with the help and training of Thomas.At the peak of her career, she was an award winner and a regular on fashion magazines and entertainment shows. Her popularity was no less than that of a-list Hollywood actresses.Thomas coached Lindsey Vonn to win gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In the swirl of fame and fortune, Vonn felt unhappy as a woman.”The divorce was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been with him since I was 18, but when I found out I wasn’t happy, I had to change.”The marriage lasted just four years before they split up.In November 2013, Vonn tore the acl in her right knee in a collision at the World Championships in Austria. A private jet flew over the field to pick her up and take her back to the United States for treatment…What do you say to this double-strong plot between the president and the world champion?!After the private plane appeared, the gossipy media immediately targeted the owner of the plane.This G550 private jet is one of the most luxurious private jets in the world, and the owner should be the famous American golfer, Tiger Woods.Tiger Woods is a fixture on the sports pages.Tiger Woods was notorious at the time, to say the least.When he married the supermodel Irene, he spent tens of millions of dollars on a lavish wedding of the century.He even booked out the entire five-star hotel and the wedding still impresses fans.In 2009, many women came forward to expose their special relationships with Tiger Woods following his car accident and reports of his sexual addiction.Elin asked for a divorce that split Tiger Woods’ $750 million fortune.At the time, the huge fee shocked Internet users around the world.Tiger Woods went to the media to apologize to his ex-wife and the public for his infidelity, fumbling and fumbling.Just when Tiger Woods’ reputation hit bottom, news of his relationship with lindsay Vonn suddenly emerged.The Internet is questioning newly divorced Lindsey Vonn’s judgment in looking for men in the trash.Lindsey Vonn’s insistence on going public with her relationship is a real shot in the arm for Tiger Woods.With Lindsey Vonn in hand, his sluggish state of competition has also picked up, the whole waist is not sore, the leg is not painful, eat delicious!Lindsey Vonn is certainly not a love brain.Gossip magazines reported that when their relationship was going well and they were about to tie the knot, Lindsey Vonn drew up a demanding prenuptial agreement.In the event of a divorce, Vonn is expected to split half of Tiger Woods’ fortune ($750 million for his ex-wife; $300 million for Lindsey).Lindsey Vonn’s agreement with ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods also paid her $20 million for each affair he cheated on her with, based on his sexual nature.Haha, you can have this!Brilliant “money course” rely on the man derailed can be realized!I don’t know if they were scared off by this agreement, but they finally announced their amicable separation.In 2021, When Tiger Woods was injured in another car accident, Lindsey Vonn publicly prayed for him on social media.She even said in an interview that she “still loves Tiger Woods, as a family.”Why, it’s a bit like Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s “the future is still family”.The media credited Lindsey Vonn with saving Tiger Woods’ career by helping her out of the depression and difficulties that followed her divorce.In her memoir, Lindsey Vonn was honest about her emotional struggles, saying she was lonely as an athlete, meeting no more than three or four people at the gym for eight hours a day, and returning to her hotel was empty.In 2014, Lindsey Vonn missed the Sochi Olympics because of a knee injury.Sochi Was the low point of her life, with Tiger Woods by her side.Tiger Woods was lindsey Vonn’s first black boyfriend. Since then, she’s gone public and said she only loves black people.In the arena, Lindsay bluntly said, “Ask for the men’s Cup!”Because we’ve already beaten every player in the women’s division.Sister is the queen, confidence shine!In 2016, Lindsey Vonn appeared on Man vs. Wild and chatted about applying for the men’s World Cup.It was 2012, and she felt there was no competition left in the women’s division, so on a whim, she wrote to the International Ski Federation and asked to compete directly against the men in the men’s division.Lindsey Vonn won so many awards on the ski slopes that the union wrote her back, and as long as THE USCA was okay with it, they were fine with it.But the matter ended in nothing.Lindsey Vonn spoke with regret, saying she had challenged many male athletes in training and sent them home crying to their mothers.In her mind, humans are strong and weak, not male and female.So at the height of her relationship with subban, the hockey player, she proposed to him on the field, an act that defied common sense by simply laughing and tossing her long hair and saying, “Men deserve a ring.”It’s a powerful way of thinking.In 2017, there was an indecent photo incident in Hollywood.Nude photos of celebrities including Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have been released.The photos have been hotly debated by a crowd of melon eaters who have gathered to watch.The celebrities involved stayed away.Only Lindsey Vonn came forward, claiming the photo and condemning the hacker, but pledging to use the law to defend her rights.Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods split Amiably in 2020, after she posted a bikini photo to celebrate her 36th birthday on social media, she was attacked for her extra pounds.It’s a shame that at this point in human progress a woman with more than 80 world championship MEDALS is still judged by her weight and body.It seems that a world champion with a few extra flaps is not worthy of respect.”Number one, I don’t photoshop, and number two, I don’t do plastic surgery.What’s wrong with old?What’s wrong with the fat?She says she is grateful for her body, which has led to all the accolades and the lindsay Vonn she is today.Lindsey Vonn responded in a post on social media that she has had more than five major operations due to sports injuries, and countless minor operations. I really admire Americans, who laugh at such a body!Even her career was cut short by injuries.If it weren’t for so many injuries, Lindsey Vonn would be playing at the Beijing Olympics.Behind the shining of every giant star is the persistence and self-transcendence that ordinary people cannot achieve.Lindsey Vonn is finally living a more relaxed life after retirement, giving her the opportunity to travel, appreciate and experience the beauty of the world.Speaking of now, Lindsey Vonn said: ‘It’s taken me a long time to get here, it’s nice, I’m not going anywhere.’Yes, I hope every girl can sincerely love their current situation, “here is good, I don’t go anywhere”.