Drugstore was broken open by violence police 11 hours to find the real murderer

2022-06-12 0 By

“But for your help I should have lost much.”Early in the morning on February 14, the city city civil rights road a drugstore owner Mr. Huang will be a bright red banner to the city public Security Bureau beihu branch police hands, gratefully said.Huang said that at 4 am on January 29, he found that the door lock of his pharmacy had been violently pry open, the door lock had also been discarded, and tens of thousands of yuan worth of cordyceps sinensis, American ginseng, bird’s nest and more than 20,000 yuan in cash had been stolen.”The Chinese New Year is coming, and I am very anxious.”City public Security Bureau Beihu branch police received Mr. Huang’s alarm, immediately arrived at the scene of the investigation, found that the door lock has obvious broken marks.The police concluded that the suspect should be through violent means to cut the padlock into the store to carry out the theft.As the in-depth investigation, the police through tracking, the suspect Long some army “surfaced”.At 14:00 on January 29, the police arrested Long in a residential area east of Chenzhou city, and seized electric drill, hydraulic scissors and other crime tools in his residence.According to the investigation, Long jun had two theft priors, since December 2021, he has carried out the theft of stores along the streets of Chenzhou city four times, stealing not only cordyceps sinensis, American ginseng, bird’s nest, cash, as well as tobacco and alcohol and other items.At present, suspect long mou jun has been detained by criminal, stolen cordyceps sinensis, American ginseng, bird’s nest, smoke, wine and other items were all recovered, the case is being investigated.Editor: Huang Hui