Get through the department data isolated island automatic collection analysis data Zhoushan built the first domestic shipping digital service system

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Zhejiang news client correspondent Liu Yilerlin Shangjun Wang Yuqi open the “digital shipping intelligent control online” system, login into the enterprise page, fill in the production and operation data……Recently, less than half an hour, Zhejiang Zhoushan Extension shipping Co., LTD. System director He Ting completed the enterprise annual inspection application.In 2021, the intelligent control application system covers more than 660 shipping and auxiliary enterprises, more than 13,000 employees, and automatically checks more than 20,000 problems (defects), realizing full coverage of management services. “From the construction of a ship to the cancellation of a ship, the whole ship life cycle can be traced here.”According to the introduction, “digital shipping intelligent control online” system from the previous 2.0 version of the archives management “digital”, ship operation management “visualization”, safety management “inventory”, data sharing and exchange “real-time”,Up to now, 3.0 version of information check “one key check”, problems (defects) “one table clear”, intelligent services “one machine”, “one window bright” dynamic supervision, data exchange “one network”, to achieve a qualitative leap.Easy and fast!This is he Ting’s most intuitive business experience after the application of “digital shipping intelligent control online” was upgraded to 3.0 iteration.”In previous years, we had to fill in more than 300 paper reports and submit more than 10 copies of various certificates to apply for annual verification.Now, through the “digital Shipping Intelligent Control online” application, only need to fill in 27 items of production and operation data, no longer need to submit a copy of the certificate.”He Ting said.”The shipping system is like an exclusive digital management system for enterprises,” he said. “It can not only handle business online, but also automatically push problems, latest policies and severe weather warnings to enterprises.”He gave the author an example, for example, 30 days before the expiration of the relevant certificate, the system will automatically remind the enterprise to replace the certificate in time, so as to save the trouble of frequently reading materials, and no longer affect the production because of the expiration of the certificate.”After 5 years of construction and continuous iterative upgrading, zhoushan ‘digital Shipping Intelligent Control Online’ has become the first digital service system in China for shipping enterprises and management departments to realize direct data connection, and also become an important tool for the daily work of municipal shipping enterprises and management departments.”Of zhoushan port and waterway and port administration relevant controller introduces, the system will be shipping management changed from offline regulation to online and offline regulatory parallel new regulatory model, through the “check content automatically summarize, defects inspection way online, problem, the whole process supervision, dongxiang, rectification acceptance of online real-time push for” regulation in the whole process of the model,In the inspection process, enterprises “run zero times” and in the whole process of rectification and acceptance, enterprises “run zero times”.After the iteration and upgrade of “Digital Shipping Intelligent Control Online”, the data island of each department is opened, and data docking is established with Zhejiang Government Affairs Service network, Zhejiang Transportation digital law enforcement platform and ship information network to ensure the latest and effective data.Against the government and business collaboration between enterprises, weak industry guidance, system set up department, province, city level coordination mechanisms, will manage the access to the “nail” zhejiang government, enterprise client access “do” in zhejiang, promote data sharing, handheld office, same frequency regulation, water transportation, ship management business license and other 20 government issues together to deal with.In “Digital Shipping Intelligent Control online”, the author can see zhoushan ships’ track, navigation status and surrounding ships at a clear sight through the cockpit.”By monitoring the position and status of ships in real time, the management department can carry out ship inspection and ship typhoon shelter emergency management.”Zhoushan port and port administration related person in charge of introduction, the system is included in the “Zhejiang Digital port and port construction overall plan (2021-2025)”, included in the province’s promotion projects.