Important!Five bus routes were temporarily adjusted

2022-06-12 0 By

From March 30th, the municipal public transport Group temporarily adjusted the 5 bus routes of No.7, No.26, No.28, No.30 and No.129 as follows:The starting and ending station is adjusted from the railway station — Putang Red Education Base to the railway station — Wushang;26 Route Yinshan Road, Hu Xi Road temporary adjustment to Hongqi Road, East Hu Road, Yutian Road, Qingshan Road;28 Route Jiuhua Road, Pingshan Road temporary adjustment to take Hudong Road, Xitang Road, Pingshan Road;30. Kangle Road and East Hu Road are temporarily adjusted to Huayuan Road and East Hu Road;129 Route west Lake road temporary adjustment to take Yushan Road, red Flag road, Anmin Road, Yutian Road.The stops along the routes mentioned above.We apologize for any inconvenience caused to passengers during the adjustment period.We need your support to fight the epidemic together.For you and others safety, please full specification wearing masks riding to voluntarily accept the accessory personnel measuring temperature and health code inspection yellow code, red code staff declined to ride without “health code” of the passengers please cooperate actively for the real-name registration please choose “contactless” payment source edit | | maanshan city bus group Wu YunyuePan Lou | coagulation (internship) audit Cheng Ling producer | kingdom