“The body as a wall” Liu Fenghua

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Editor’s note: The epidemic in front of the public security forward.When the epidemic came back, mudanjiang public security personnel once again went into battle with armor against the wind. They fought day and night with one goal, that is to resolutely win the battle of containment and annihilation of the epidemic prevention and control!The trumpets of the charge are still reverberating in the ears, and touching stories are also happening quietly in the battle against the epidemic. They are like the stars in the night sky, lighting up the night sky of the people, and leading the comrades in arms in the same line.The “Mudanjiang Public Security” new media platform will publish the anti-epidemic deeds of the frontline police. Today, we introduce liu Fenghua, a police officer from the Traffic Police Brigade of Suifenhe Public Security Bureau.”Comrade-in-arms, it’s time to test us. From now on, all the civilian auxiliary police will come to their posts and perform urgent tasks.”At 0 o ‘clock on January 25, is G10 Suiman high-speed Suifenhe two squadron bayonet on duty liu Fenghua received the city bureau order “immediately to two squadron access to the city bayonet traffic control, non-essential personnel are strictly prohibited.”The police order is as high as a mountain. After receiving the order, Liu Fenghua immediately organized the squadron of police to assemble urgently, immediately implemented the “lock up” policy, and strictly controlled the vehicles entering and leaving the city.It is day, the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, xiao Nian.The most important task at that time was to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the shortest time in the face of the sudden outbreak.As the most important “fortress” in and out of Suifenhe, the success of traffic control largely depends on the control level of the bayonet in no.2 Middle School.As a front-line commander, two difficult problems are placed in front of Liu Fenghua, one side is the early morning assembly testing team management level, one side is the thing out of a sudden, persuade the interpretation of the work testing the ability of the masses.Liu Fenghua and the same day on duty colleagues, soldiers in two roads, emergency squadron comrades.The early morning is the sleeping period of ordinary people, a rapid bell rang at the head of the police, less than half an hour, the two squadron 13 auxiliary police all to the post, led the order to go out.Two squadron entering and leaving the city bayonet traffic flow is large, transportation large trucks choose the road late at night, the incident suddenly, many drivers do not understand the policy.”Happy Off-year, comrade. Just received orders not to leave town unless it’s an emergency.””Comrade, don’t be excited, we go home to have a good xiao Nian, accompany the family to eat dumplings!””Elder brother, go out in the middle of the night is not safe, go back first, and so on specific notice.”The police behind the mountain, before the spring breeze.Liu Fenghua and his comrades in the gentle wind and rain to each of the masses patiently and carefully to persuade and explain the work, that day, the second squadron checkpoint order is stable, past vehicles orderly return, Liu Fenghua has completed the task of traffic control, up to now, a total of more than 21,000 vehicles, more than 38,000 people.Suifenhe people all know, two squadron bayonet is suifenhe a “strong wind mouth”, especially in the winter, the cold wind with heavy snow is a day, this is common for the two squadron police on duty.Liu fenghua is in his seventh year as squadron leader, and the cold wind at the checkpoint has carved deep wrinkles on his face.When the epidemic hit, it was the coldest day of the year in Suifenhe. The snow and cold wind were like knives. Liu Fenghua and his comrades stood proudly in the cold wind, and in the blue sky and snow, they made the bayonet stand as an unbreakable defense line.On duty 24 hours a day, Liu fenghua was always on duty with his comrades on the road. He paralyzed his legs bitterly, tore his throat with burning pain, and continued to say “Hello, where are you coming from? Where are you going?””Happy New Year, please show me the itinerary code.”And other short, warm greetings.In feng-hua liu leads, the auxiliary police squadron people according to the “car will check, people will check” of the job requirement, check carefully each a car and driving personnel, implements the epidemic prevention and control and traffic management “to combine and balance”, since the epidemic prevention and control traffic control, alert, the second squadron police operations in a row, to fully demonstrate the traffic police special can bear,A good look, especially capable of fighting.”At the moment of the epidemic, communist party members must have the spirit of abandoning themselves.”Comrade Liu Fenghua has always played a vanguard and exemplary role as a Communist party member. He has not had a day’s rest since the traffic control began.Every day, no matter how busy it is, no matter whether it is time for lunch or not, we can see a busy figure at the checkpoint for epidemic prevention and control, collecting information, asking about warm and cold, grasping the progress of epidemic work in the first time, and rationally arranging and deploying checkpoint personnel for prevention and control. Such scenes are being played out every day.The prescribed movements and repeated instructions became compulsory lessons for Liu fenghua to fight the epidemic every day.Facing the epidemic, Liu fenghua said: “Only when everyone is stable can our family be happy!The current epidemic, the police do not retreat!I would like to be a wall, to build a safety barrier for everyone!”Day after day, Liu fenghua has carried out his original aspiration and mission with practical actions, and encouraged his young comrades around him that as long as we work together, the epidemic will be defeated one day, and he and his family will get together again at that time.In this war without smoke of gunpowder epidemic, Liu Fenghua rushed to the front line, fighting in the front line, with a high spirited five feet of men’s body, built the epidemic prevention safety wall.He has given up his small family for everyone, is not afraid of hard work and danger, and has the courage to fulfill his duties. With his actions, he interprets the purpose of “serving the people wholeheartedly”, and fulfills the solemn promises made by CPC members with a high sense of mission and political responsibility.Original title: “The Body as a Wall” Liu Fenghua