What does DRP stand for

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DRP is distributionresourceplanning meaning, namely distribution resource planning.1. A DRP disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive state that includes actions taken before, during, and after a disaster causes significant loss of information system resources.Disaster recovery planning is the process of responding to an emergency.Provide backup operations in the event of disruption and deal with recovery and salvage plans afterwards.2. DRP can be a module of ERP system.In ERP123 belongs to the optional extension application module, namely “network distribution” module.Secondly, DRP is applicable to the sales departments of electronic products, home appliances, communication products and other distribution enterprises and large manufacturing enterprises.ERP can be implemented in almost any enterprise.3. Expand information: ERP refers to the resource plan of the enterprise, and also refers to the enterprise information management system mainly for the integrated management of material resources, capital resources and information resources in the manufacturing industry.By using ERP technology, enterprises can use computer functions to automate the management of resources such as capital, goods, personnel and information.