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On March 13, 2022, SAIC Volkswagen Xinwei was officially launched with a suggested retail price of 286,800 to 399,800 yuan.The new car is available in five models, equipped with 330TSI and 380TSI engines, all matching DSG seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.Based on THE MQB-EVO digital intelligent architecture, New Majestic shows the new style of SAIC Volkswagen flagship products, with the characteristics of “better looking, better driving, better sitting” truly define the “multi-function car”, is a “suitable for riding and driving” luxury seven-seat MPV with full scene.01/ Return to “multi-functional vehicle” salute the doer of the new era of new Wei Ran this “New Wei Ran BIG V life” launch conference, fully integrated into the yearning for high texture life, grass and a variety of lifestyle.Saic Volkswagen set up a live broadcast room and invited Madina, the representative of SAIC Volkswagen 333 team and Li Beika to “unpack” xinwei On the spot and plant their home goods, outdoor life and fashion aesthetic.Finally, the site also posted a limited number of “New Wei Ran Short distance self-driving Travel experience” link, providing three routes to taste the “BIG V life”, quickly sold out.As society changes, the elite, who used to pursue career advancement, now pay more attention to the expansion of life in many aspects, and are more willing to “manage the present day”.For the “doers of the new era”, Xinwei emerged as The Times required, enabling them to move seamlessly between their career and family, work and life, transforming them from “big V in business” to “big V in life”.As a large luxury MPV, New Majestic returns to the real “multi-purpose Vehicle”, the appearance level, control, quality sense all online, with the whole scene “Yishang” + “IKEA” to meet the style needs of consumers, reconstruction of life texture.02/ The beauty of elegant design begins with “first sight” Thanks to the length of more than 5.3 meters and the height of nearly 1.8 meters, the new Wei Ran gives people the impression of lofty and imposing at first sight.Different from the traditional MPV, the new car adopts the new aesthetic design concept of flexibility and flexibility, relaxation and relaxation. The streamlined light and shadow carving body and streamer roof have a unique style, bringing flowing beauty between movement and movement.Streamlined D-pillar slip back, sophisticated spoiler outline elegant, three-dimensional tail.IQ. Light Intelligent LED headlights and crystal flow color LED steering taillights are the finishing touches of the vision, blooming the brilliance of science and technology.Aesthetic feeling from the outside to the inside, refresh the MPV appearance level cognition.The interior of New Weiran has many new features, such as suspension instrument panel, 12-inch advanced intelligent multimedia interactive system, dial digital shift, touch switch, etc., to add fashion sense and technology degree.Deep toned wood grain interior board and diamond grain high-grade leather seat, exquisite luxury.The whole series is equipped with EA888 turbocharged engine, providing two kinds of power: 330TSI and 380TSI.It has a power rating of 162kW and a maximum torque of 350Nm.In addition to the gold cooperation of DSG seven-speed wet clutch, independent rear suspension + German chassis tuning, driving and control feeling of “integration of man and car”.With full driving confidence, New Viran gets rid of the stereotype that MPV is difficult to control, and its comfort is no less than that of premium cars.In addition, New Power is equipped with Travel Assist full-journey intelligent driver assistance system, which can achieve cruise, automatic car following and lane keeping within a wide range of speed, saving worry and effort.It is worth mentioning that the new car will assist driving application in more models.The system is equipped with PLA 3.0 all-round intelligent parking Assist system, Front Assist system (with automatic braking) and Lane Assist Lane keeping system. ACC adaptive cruise system is standard from the luxury version.Easily cope with high-speed, potholes, curves, urban congestion and other scenarios, the new Wei Ran easy to drive and smart.04/ Cabin texture outstanding driving atmosphere MAX Xinwei ride comfort is a basic lesson of MPV.Xinwei ran with leisurely wide space, quality materials and intimate configuration, create a luxurious, relaxed cabin atmosphere, so that travel more advanced sense.The car has a 2-2-3 seating layout and a 3.18-meter long wheelbase to ensure large space for seven seats.In terms of carrying capacity, the capacity of the new Wei Ran luggage compartment can be expanded from 436L to 2,100L, which can hold your imagination.Storage space up to more than 50, the central channel after the new design, very practical.There are a total of 10 USB ports in the car, and wireless charging for mobile phones in the front seat makes it easy for every passenger to use electronic devices.In the aspect of riding, the front seat is 12-way electric adjustable, and the main driving seat has memory function, which is convenient for multiple people to use the car.The executive class two-row concierge seat is more powerful, providing electric backrest adjustment, comfortable headrest, pneumatic massage, concierge armrest, electric leg rest, etc., and leg rest adjustment Angle has been upgraded to adjust to the horizontal position.The introduction of new intelligent ventilation function in advance, with the function of dynamic atmosphere inside the car lights, foot induction on/off electric tail gate, with 12 speaker of haman caton royal palace stage sound system, with the existing intelligent bilateral pinch-resistant electric door, automatic air-conditioning system, the back of sanqu privacy glass, super mute design, etc., at 60 pull ride atmosphere feeling full, comfortable and carefree trip.Suitable for shopping ikea, suitable for driving.With the product power covering the whole scene, Xinwei meets the current consumer demand of advanced quality and embraces the double beauty of leisurely workplace and style life.And the extensive upgrade of the configuration and new layout of the product line, further enhance its market appeal.Place your order now and big V life will start now.