New Year video | My 2021, my New Year wishes

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In 2022, the Year of Ren Yinhu, the Lunar New Year has arrived.As you look back at 2021, bathed in the first rays of the Year of the Tiger, what word would you choose?What are your expectations and hopes for the brand new 2022?Yangtse Evening Post invites five writers of its supplement to present their New Year’s greetings to readers.Qiu Xiaoping, the author of A Story of The City, walked along the border of Heilongjiang in the past year, from The North Pole of China to heixiazi Island, from the Luogu River at the source of Heilongjiang to the Hupu River in Dongning. “I measured the distance of 2,981 kilometers by four seasons.I saw the wind and frost on the face of Shi Xianqiang and Shen Xin, and also saw the vicissitudes of life on the face of Yao Zhongjin. I can’t forget the rainy night of Yang Moonan and the stubbornness of cui Guangping, the old director of the bureau. Countless of them constitute the backbone of the defense of the border area.”In 2022, he expects “you and I will be on the road to pursue our dreams, shining with light!”Has been on the way the author country music music fruit fruit, 2021 keywords is “drive”, “I’m still on the road, driving through the western sichuan aba and ganzi prefectures of alpine meadow, a taste of the July Tibetan yak with simple Tibetan snow, simple and honest, also walked a fortress jiangnan”, “said the xixia history and desert in ningxia stars, feeling wei helan mountain,The wind that blows xi Xia also blows my face.Self-driving travel, for me, is a more free way. Holding the steering wheel is like holding the direction of life, so I can walk for a while.”In 2022, she will remain on the road.”I believe that all the long journey will have time to bear witness, those love and perseverance will bear fruit.”Zhou Shuixin, the run-loving author of Stars, ran only two marathons in 2021.Because of the epidemic, the marathon has been changed to a one-man run.In 2022, she hopes to take the new high-speed rail line to some beautiful ancient cities for horse riding.Lishui Mountain Marathon on Ningzhou-Hangzhou Line has been booked and will start on March 20, 2022.Looking forward to the strawberry harvest in the foothills of the wild running.”In 2022, I want to continue to run and see the world. With my pen, I will combine running with railway and write a different perspective of high-speed railway.Riding the wind of high-speed rail, show the beauty of home.In 2022, the world is big enough to go to.”Leiming, a lawyer, has read more than 80 books in the past year, mainly focusing on history, philosophy and aesthetics.”Reading is a habit for me.It is a constant intellectual pursuit of sexual reconciliation and balance with one’s own imperfect objective world.”In 2022 she has ordered a tome on the history of the Romans by Japanese author Shiono Shisuo, who has written 15 histories of the Romans in 15 years.”A good history book is an absolutely fascinating subject, because in the fog of time, everyone is a drop in the ocean, everyone is a snow night.”Yang Yang, the author of “A Story of A City” who lives in Coquan, THE United States, has not had a chance to cross the ocean to his hometown of Nanjing for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “After only being able to communicate with the outside world through computers, I will choose to cure myself in nature in 2021 due to the changes in my lifestyle.The natural energy of the landscape not only healed me, but also shocked and guided me.By the shimmering lake, on the top of a mountain with a curved horizon, nature makes me feel small as a grain of sand, and I have to be humble and self-conscious.Nature’s healing power allows me to feel hope even when I don’t see it.It makes endurance and longing bearable.”Standing thousands of miles away from home in the Spring forest, she is looking forward to the near future to return to the city like the mother, smell the foot that can not forget the fireworks of the native land.Life is colorful, different encounters have different wonderful, I wish readers in the year of the Tiger to step out of their own harmonious and comfortable rhythm.Curated by Chen Shen Executed by Wang Rui hua Ming Yue Video Clip by Dai Zhehan Art Editor by Xiao Tian proofread by Wang Fei