She rose to fame with a song at 15, got depressed and fat after a career setback, and now she’s 33?

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Hunan TV’s talent show Super Girl has become a huge hit.Do you still remember the 2004 super girl runner-up, the lovely girl zhang Hanyun who sang “sour sour sweet is you”?Sweet zhang Hanyun gives a person the feeling just like the sister next door is general amiable and lovely.In 2004, at the age of 15, Zhang hanyun used her passion for music to audition for Super Girl.Have not received systematic music training, also do not have a pair of innate good voice, lean on pure appearance and sweet appearance.She won the love of the audience and the judges and made it to the super Girl finals, where she won the third place.After winning the competition, Zhang Hanyun accumulated a lot of popularity, so she was valued by Tianzhong Culture, signed a contract to go to Beijing development, also continue to study in Beijing.At that time, although Zhang Hanyun was young, she had a brilliant career, receiving many endorsements and releasing her own albums.The song “Sour, Sweet and Sweet is Me” spread all over the streets. Her bright and clear singing voice attracted a lot of fans. At that time, there were posters of her in every post-90s home.However, good times do not last long, too much attention at a young age also brought a lot of trouble to Zhang Hanyun.The Zhang Hanyun after popularity began the life of his entertainment circle, should have a class in the classroom originally she began all sorts of jobs however, give an album, run commercial performance is waited a moment.She was rumored to be pregnant, her new song was pulled from the shelves, and rumors about her tumultuous private life were rife.More because she gave up the college entrance examination to break the “good girl” set, was considered by netizens as disorderly, vanity people, Zhang Hanyun’s singing career has therefore been greatly affected.The depression of the record market also makes Zhang Hanyun’s career encountered a bottleneck.She did not make the transition in time and was unable to get a job for a long time.In February 2009, Zhang Hanyun terminated her contract with Tianzhong Culture.She had already spent her last savings on an apartment in Beijing.Did not expect to enter the career at the lowest point, almost no income.We often see the media photographed Zhang Hanyun fat appearance, in fact, because of their own pressure is too big, the most depressed stage Zhang Hanyun son ran a lot of record companies, were rejected.At that time and can not control their mood, can only overeat to 120 catties.At that time, In order to survive, Zhang Hanyun started the work of the host, but was scolded by Ke LAN crying.Can bring a turning point to their career, should be zhang Hanyun to participate in a variety program “idol”, although it looks a little fat appearance, but the smile is still very sweet and lovely, also can not see their own what bad mood.At that time zhang Hanyun recalled once the most depressed themselves, even a few degrees choked up, the most difficult time or carried over.There are even comments online that Zhang has become a has-been star.Later Zhang Hanyun transformation as an actor ushered in a new opportunity for development.It was reported online that Andy Lau encouraged Zhang To make the transition, and that Andy Lau could be said to be zhang’s patron.However, Zhang Hanyun did not choose to give up the show business, but another way, to study in the drama, try to transform to do actors.Although Zhang Hanyun looks lovely, but the heart is very strong.Filming in the lake in the winter, Hanging weiya, the body left a lot of wounds, she did not complain, but to do their own efforts to play their own every role.Subsequently, Zhang Hanyun began his thin body plan.According to the photos, her rapid weight loss has a lot to do with exercise, including running and doing yoga every day.Later, Zhang Hanyun’s weight basically restored to 90 kilograms, wearing the appearance of cheongsam, is particularly beautiful and moving, but also more than a mature charm.In recent years, Zhang has appeared in TV series such as “How Beautiful It Is In Love” and “New Xiao Shiilang”.She starred in the “Princess of Lanling” this drama has achieved good ratings and word of mouth.Some time ago the hit drama “know not? Know not? Should be green fat red thin” Zhang Hanyun also has played.Zhang Hanyun appeared in the show I am an Actress.Expressed the hope that their acting and efforts can be recognized by everyone, can get more acting opportunities.However, her tutor Chen Chong commented on her performance and said her acting skills were inadequate.Zhang Hanyun’s efforts were not in vain, she let others see her growth and progress, now she has not seen the naive shadow, but more mature charm, and the acting also more exquisite.Everyone is in “sound face its circumstance” in this piece variety program saw Zhang Hanyun, she not only lines skill base is good, and the whole person is sending out confident charm, and at the beginning that the shy little girl who first entered the entertainment circle is really a different person.Later, Zhang Hanyun participated in “The Sister who Rides the Wind and waves”, which attracted high attention from netizens.Zhang Hanyun wowed the house with an English song, with netizens saying that the girl who sang sour, Sweet and Sweet is Me has grown up and become better at singing, although she still feels girly at 31.Zhang Hanyun is starring in the period drama “Heavy Ears”, in which she plays a princess.Zhang Hanyun’s costume is still good.Zhang Yishan plays with Zhang Hanyun in this play, but he is male number two.In addition shen Mengchen, Weng Hong and other stars are also in the play to Zhang Hanyun play.Zhang Hanyun is 33 years old now, her career is tepid, and her emotional problems are also extremely low-key.Few spread about Zhang Hanyun’s gossip, and peng Guanying and Tong Mengshi spread gossip.In 2013, Zhang hanyun and Peng worked together on the TV series “Because It’s So Beautiful”, which should have been the beginning of their relationship.At that time, Zhang Hanyun in the play is a crazy chase Peng Guan Ying’s role, but because it is a supporting role, there is no female aura, so later the play of the two people did not come together.Peng later co-starred with Zhang Hanyun in the period drama Princess of Lanling, in which they finally fell in love.Many people think that this drama is peng guan Ying and Zhang Hanyun’s romance.In 2016, Zhang Hanyun and Peng Guanying were pictured together, suspected of falling in love with each other.After this peng Guanying and Zhang Hanyun together photos were not less secretly taken, many netizens took two people often in and out of the same community picture, it seems to have been cohabiting.In addition, Peng guanying and Zhang Hanyun once participated in a variety show, but also in the show singing love songs, between the two is full of love, really immersed in the love of a couple, the audience can see.Peng Guanying and Zhang Hanyun in the circle are not the star of the fire, if two people really love for many years and not hype, it is really rare.Although the matter is still not confirmed by the two parties, but many netizens still believe.Of course, some netizens questioned the news, because Peng guanying’s new film “Things in the Palm” is about to be broadcast, the news of marriage at this time, is not hype?Later, Zhang Hanyun responded to the rumors of her marriage with Peng on weibo, saying: “I have no intention to occupy public resources during this special period. I am very sorry.Single unmarried, just want to live their own quiet day.Please stop fabricating and spreading false information.Thank you.”Although Zhang Hanyun denied marriage and love rumors, or hope they harvest their own happiness as soon as possible.Last year, popular actress Zhang Hanyu and her idol actor Tong Mengshi were photographed holding hands, which made waves on the Internet.From the exposure of the picture, Zhang Hanyun and Tong Dream is more secluded place is hand in hand, and the two behavior is more intimate, until the hotel door to let go, and then has entered the hotel to rest.Could it be that two young stars, acting so intimately and secretly, were in love?Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi suspected love news spread like fast, but many netizens have given a doubt, first of all, these two people are really in love?You should know that Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi co-shot the TV series butcher’s Girl, in which the two are playing a couple.So the reality of the two people may be because of the play of love, come together.Of course, it could also be a publicity stunt for a new show, to get more attention, to add some heat to the show.To know, the use of male and female protagonists for the new drama heat this kind of thing has been used by many TV dramas, this time I do not know whether the two people were hyped.In addition, even if the two do fall in love, many netizens are not optimistic about the pair.First of all, if two people are really in love, it is a pair of sister and brother love.Zhang Hanyun, born in 1989, and Tong Mengshi, born in 1993, are four years old.While brother-sister relationships are common in the entertainment industry, they are rarely viewed favorably.In addition, whether Zhang Hanyun or Tong Mengshi are career rising stage.Especially Tong Mengshi, as an idol actor, his handsome appearance has won countless female fans, in recent years, his career continues to climb, more and more fans, if this time to announce a relationship, it is estimated that they may lose fans.Do not know just some of the famous Tong Mengshi will not face the danger of love off the powder.Of course, the star is also a person, fall in love is someone else’s private affairs, no matter zhang Hanyun or Tong Mengshi did not stand out to admit amour, after all is for the new play hype or really in love, we are also ignorant.If it is true love, we still send blessings, after all, it is a good thing.Present Zhang Hanyun puts the center of gravity of the career on film and TV play to film, the career also had pick up gradually, does she of this time have idea to fall in love really?Zhang Always updates her micro blog.Judging from her micro blog, she is also a girl who loves food.Zhang Hanyun, 33, still looks girly and has been dubbed the Disney princess on the run by netizens.As her song says, “Even if no one applauds me, at least I have the courage to appreciate myself”. There are good times and bad times in the process of growing up. Flying against the wind, she will be able to reach the distance she wants to go.But she’s reportedly still single.Do you like sweet Zhang Hanyun?