The Chengdu elements of the Winter Olympics’ power generating ‘ice blocks are both low carbon and attractive

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All venues of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be powered by 100% clean energy, a first in Olympic history.One of the clean energy sources behind this is chengdu Shuangliu’s “Cadmium telluride power glass”.Ordinary glass, coated with a 4-micron-thick electro-optical film of cadmium telluride, becomes a conductive, power-generating and recyclable semiconductor material.Pan Jingong, general manager of Chengdu China Building Materials Optoelectronic Materials Co., LTD., told reporters that cadmium telluride power glass has been used in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Projects, including the National Speed Skating Stadium, The Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Venue BIPV construction integration project, and the Chicheng Olympic Corridor project.In recent years, “carbon reduction” has become a buzzword in China.Pan believes that power glass has entered its golden period of development by applying clean energy to building materials.From laboratory to production line, from product application to industrial plant, commercial building exterior wall, and then to the Appearance of the Winter Olympics…Power glass is not far off.In the factory area of Chengdu China Building Materials Photoelectric Material Co., LTD., located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, two pieces of power glass, 1.6 meters high and 1.2 meters wide, are placed in a prominent place on the first floor.One glass is ice dun dun, one glass is snow rong rong.From a distance, the two pieces of glass seem unremarkable.Close look, the thin wire all around the glass showed its extraordinary.Ski jumping center – generating glass green low carbon road signs this is using the latest research and development of colored glaze glass, cadmium telluride power generation with the games mascots ice mound mound, snow melts as the theme, in combination with cadmium telluride glass edge, can continuously power under the condition of low temperature, can be as decorative plate, the scene can also the games village, the field of landscape lighting and command channel provides green electricity.”We received the task on an emergency basis, and it took engineers four days to design and 20 days to complete commissioning, production and installation.”‘This batch of power glass, specially made for the Winter Olympics, is more difficult,’ Mr. Pan said.On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure independent power generation, and on the other hand, it is necessary to “reroute” the existing wires so that both sides of the glass are mascot images.It was not easy to install the equipment.The ground was frozen soil and stone, and the electric drill bit broke four of them.This time, zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, national Ski Jumping center and other five points of green low-carbon power glass construction road signs.”It’s a combination of beauty, technology, and carbon reduction.”Pan Jingong said that many foreign athletes were amazed by the meticulous details of the Winter Olympics.Can be applied to the ordinary housing two pieces of power of zhangjiakou glass can satisfy a family power emperor of the expo square (civic center) project – located in zhangjiakou zhangjiakou emperor of the expo square night scene opposite the high-speed, originally only a ordinary commercial building, for the 2022 winter Olympics, the government zhangjiakou will transform it into citizen center.Here, the facade of the building is transformed with cadmium telluride power glass. The installed capacity is 92kW, providing a continuous power supply to the building body.Not only commercial buildings, ordinary homes with power glass, is no longer far away.”Just two pieces can achieve the electricity consumption of an average family in a year.”Pan said that a 1.92-square-meter piece of “power glass” can generate 260 to 270 degrees of electricity in a year, and two or three pieces of power glass can meet the annual electricity consumption of a household.Residential construction may emerge in the next year or two.Review the development of power glass in recent years.In 2017, the world’s first large-area (1.92 square meters) cadmium telluride power generation glass rolled off the production line in Shuangliu, Chengdu.In 2018, the world’s first large-area (1.92 square meters) cadmium telluride power generation glass production line went into operation.In just four or five years, cadmium telluride power glass has evolved into the fifth generation of products.Pan Jingong said, the first generation of power glass is opaque, the second generation to achieve color, the third generation to achieve pattern customization, the fourth generation to achieve marble series, can be directly used for building external walls;The fifth generation realized transparent power generation…The sales volume in these three years has exceeded 800 million yuan.This achievement has not come easily.Pan recalls the lowest period of his career.He clearly remembers that once he took a taxi from Shuangliu to downtown Chengdu, which cost him 94 yuan.Later, the factory workers led him from Shuangliu by bus, spent 2 yuan to the destination.Later, a team of more than 300 people left to only 20 people, and 20 people “ran” to only 6 people.’New things always face a lot of doubts and challenges when they just come out,’ said Mr. Pan. ‘Only by sticking to the end can we see the light at the end.'”Green Hosting of the Olympic Games” is one of the important concepts of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. All the venues will be powered by 100% clean energy, which is a pioneering work in the Olympic history.Where will the clean energy for the Olympic Stadium come from?One of them is from Asia’s first largest cadmium telluride power generation glass power plant – Mountain restoration ground power plant in Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou.”This is the project we will participate in in 2021.”Pan said that the installed capacity of the plant is 12 megawatts, which is the largest cadmium telluride power generation glass ground power plant in Asia. After the completion of the project, 8.8 percent more than other similar products will provide green power for the Venues of the Winter Olympics.It can save 5703.3 tons of standard coal and 14942.66 tons of carbon dioxide every year. It is an environmental protection, low energy consumption and conservation-oriented solar photovoltaic power project. It also plays a role in repairing mines and improving ecology, and has significant economic and social benefits.”The U.S. is using it mainly for power plants, but we are using it more for building materials.”Pan said that power glass has been successfully used in many projects in China, such as Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu Chuankai Electric, Zhangjiakou Civic Center, Shanxi Provincial government building, Chengdu Smart Center, Panzhihua Graphite and carbon Industrial Park, Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Plateau Airport, etc.Photo provided by Chengdu China Building Materials Co