Tianjin rural Industry Development “14th Five-year plan” issued by 2025, “Tianjin agricultural products” will increase to 200

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Recently, “Tianjin rural industry development” 14th five-year plan “released.By 2025, the income of agricultural products processing industry in Tianjin will reach 160 billion yuan, the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress will reach 72%, the annual reception of leisure agriculture will reach 20 million person-times, the annual comprehensive operating income of leisure agriculture will reach 5 billion yuan, and the number of “Jinnong Boutique” brands will increase to 200.According to the “plan”, during the “14th Five-year Plan”, the city has taken a number of measures to promote the steady progress of rural industries, modern urban agricultural industrial system, production system, management system more perfect.Of this, we made greater efforts to ensure the supply of grain and important agricultural products. We built or upgraded one million mu of high-standard cropland, and kept the overall grain production capacity at around 2.23 million tons.The industrial chain and supply chain of advantaged and featured agricultural products will be further improved, and the primary, secondary and tertiary industries will be deeply integrated.The supply of fresh agricultural products such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, vegetables and fruits will continue to improve, and the brand of “Jinnong Boutique” series will be strengthened.We will vigorously cultivate leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization with the income of agricultural processing industry exceeding 5 billion yuan.According to the plan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the city will strengthen the development of the whole agricultural industry chain at the township level based on its advantages and resource endowment.On the basis of the existing 7 national strong agricultural industry towns successfully declared, it promotes the development of strong agricultural industry towns in the agriculture-related areas of the whole city, develops the leading industries of the town, and promotes the integration of industry and city and industry and village.Consolidate and upgrade Ninghe National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, speed up the establishment of Baodi and Binhai New Area national modern agricultural Industrial Park, guide the resource advantage areas to speed up the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, seed industry and other industrial parks, promote the integrated development of “production + processing + science and technology + circulation”.Develop more than 150 municipal leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization;Cultivate 20 agricultural industrialization consortions;The number of city-level demonstration family farms reached 300;We will ensure that the number of farmers’ cooperatives and demonstration cooperatives at the municipal level remains stable at 600.We will actively support the return of 150,000 people to their hometowns to start businesses and make innovations.Source: Tianjin Daily