From the guidance of Shui Qingxia to coach Chinese women’s football Team, how to reflect on the selection of Chinese men’s football team in the future

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I think li3 tie3 character is not suitable for national coach, for the following reasons: low eq, lofty, domineering, coaching for Chinese football World Cup top 12 group of Qatar, journalists and fans several press conference, yelling at players on the edge of the field, the above performance fully showed character and emotional intelligence is extremely low, li3 tie3He did not get along well with players, journalists and fans, and he did not know how to use psychology to excite players on the pitch, nor did he have the attitude and determination to make his team members fight for the glory of the country.On the contrary, Coach Shui Qingxia is low-key, never in the media and press conference to show off their football expertise and football experience how strong.And ShuiQingXia coach in charge of the Chinese women’s team for more than a month of time can get Tang Jiali visceral called, have been king frost, Zhang Linyan, xiao-xue wang and other core team players in a media interview heartfelt respect, the Chinese women’s team in the Asian cup, Korea’s final game in the first half of the extreme passive adverse circumstances, the use of break time,With his psychological expertise, he can relieve pressure, rearrange tactics, inspire confidence and excitement, and make many players on the court to go for the country, for the collective honor of the determination and courage.Lou Jiayui, 31, who directed The players in the Asian Cup final and was also abandoned by Jia xiuquan, was able to play for the glory of the country and the team on the field and was stretchered off the field as she fought hard for Shui qingxia.To sum up, the selection of Chinese men’s football coach should not only assess the professional football knowledge and coaching experience of the target, but also pay more attention to the emotional intelligence, personality and character of the selected coach, and strive to select an excellent head coach like Coach Shui Qingxia.With the warmth of maternal love, Shui Qingxia instructed the players to train the friends who supported the above views. At the same time, she appealed for supplementary opinions and gave play to the civil power of the fans, so that the Chinese men’s football team could get out of the downturn as soon as possible.