Judicial arrest of 4 people, heze two levels of court arrest of “old Lai” concentrated action

2022-06-14 0 By

January 30, in order to effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, Heze two levels of the court officers involved in the execution of the trial line, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, with practical action to practice justice for the people’s initial heart, and strive to let everyone have a good year.In order to fight against the implementation of the year of the Tiger, so that the masses can live a good Spring Festival, Heze zhongyuan united Dongming County court, focusing on cases involving the people’s livelihood, sword out of scabbard, once again began to arrest “Lao Lai” concentrated action.At 6:30 in the morning of January 28, more than 20 policemen gathered and were ready to go.A command, the officers braving the ling cold wind, according to the established target hit “Lao Lai” hiding place.The operation lasted for four hours, and the whole process used law enforcement recorders to record and collect evidence, ensuring that the operation was open and transparent.Each action group carried out a carpet search of the possible hiding places of “Lao Lai”. After hours of continuous fighting, a total of 4 people were arrested by judicial authorities, and the amount of money actually executed reached more than 470,000 YUAN.”Thank you, judge, for finally having a good year!”In the afternoon, a group of migrant workers from Henan province delivered a banner to the judges of the Central Court to express their gratitude to the judges who handled the cases for implementing their salaries by the end of the year.It is reported that this is a henan construction engineering company to apply for the implementation of heze a real estate company more than 20 million yuan project funds, involving more than 900 migrant workers.After understanding the situation, the handling judge attached great importance to it and immediately took compulsory measures to freeze and deduct more than 20 million yuan from the execution case of a real estate company, and all of it was distributed to the migrant workers involved in the case according to law on the same day.Did not dare to slack off, only to guard the “lights of thousands of families” peace.Heze Zhongyuan with practical action to practice justice for the people, so that the trial work does not stop, the judiciary does not close for the people.There is nothing trivial about people’s livelihood.Heze city court will continue to take judicial measures for the people, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, maintain the authority of the law, and strive to let heze citizens live a stable and happy Spring Festival.(Content from flash news)