Latex paint brush how long can be moved in

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After brushing emulsioni paint, a month or so can enter commonly, but the material that this and emulsioni paint pledges to have close concern.If use latex paint only, 7 days or so can dry thoroughly.When the walls are completely dry, the harmful substances slowly evaporate away.If there are pregnant women or children in the home, it is recommended to stay for more than 1 months after brushing latex paint.Brush emulsioni paint what note to have?1. Before brushing latex paint, we must do a good job of basic treatment first, otherwise it will affect the effect of the paint in the later period.If the base weathering peeling or cracks, must do a good job of repair, so as to enhance its adhesion, have a better brushing effect.2. When brushing, the amount of paint is very important.To ensure the continuity of construction, it is suggested to estimate the amount of paint, so as not to use insufficient after half of construction, temporary supply.At the same time, pay special attention to the color of latex paint.If the latex paint color is darker, it can not be mixed with water, so as not to produce color difference, paint should be completed once, so as not to affect the beauty of the wall.3. If you want to maintain good ventilation in the room, you should wait for the last process to complete and completely dry before starting the second brushing.Do not rush, in order to brush.How is emulsioni paint ventilated after brushing?1. Control the ventilation time: after the latex paint is brushed, it cannot be ventilated immediately. It needs to be ventilated again after the latex paint is dry.Therefore, ventilation time should be delayed until one week after completion of the work.2. Pay attention to the frequency of ventilation: can not always open doors and Windows, need to open the window intermittently, especially when the weather is bad, unreasonable ventilation is not up to the treatment effect.