Ming Dao has become a hot topic because of his child star strike

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Apologies: I can’t remember the details, but the video appears to have been edited and the incident originated on a video.There are personnel at the scene shared a video, video, Ming Dao and Huang Yi cooperate to shoot ads, there is a child star, is a little girl.According to the report, the girl walked out of the studio because she refused to cooperate with mingtao many times during the shoot. Mingtao said, “I will shoot when you have enough fun.” She even used profanity during the shoot.Looking at the little girl’s expression and sitting posture, she should belong to the non-professional type, so the performance is very unsatisfactory, and up and down, the little girl has been playing for many times, and did not enter the state of shooting.This makes Ming Dao very angry, there will be a later strike incident.After the news came out, some people said that Mingdao had a bad temper, but more people expressed their support for mingdao. Some people said that if you want to be a child star, you should have professional quality, while others said that they support Mingdao, he is also a father.Ming Dao was born in 1980 and made his debut at the age of 22. Two years after his debut, he began to shoot “The Wedding Clothes of Heaven”, which attracted wide attention. In 2005, Ming Dao and Jon Chen starred in the idol drama “Prince Turns Frog”, which became popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.Mingdao’s starting point is very high, unlike many stars that have to feel the roll of more than 10 years, to stand at the top of the flow.However, Ming Dao’s career also declined from then on, and his works continued, but never became as popular as the Prince Turned Frog.After Ming Dao, many famous actors appeared in Taiwan idol dramas, such as Ruan Ching-tian and Zheng Yuan-chang, etc. With the rise of mainland idol dramas, Ming Dao was soon forgotten by everyone.In 2012, Mingdao enlisted in the army training, and his fame plummeted, few people would think of him, until 2019, Mingdao participated in the actors Please Sit in place, again into the public’s attention, memories flooded in, many people once again think of the “Shan Junhao”.In the same year, Mingdao officially announced his marriage, and in the next year, he officially announced his birth, which became a hot search. Then, he participated in the recording of “Chasing The Light, Brother”, which became popular again.Mingdao’s child is only two years old. In the past two years, he has had few opportunities to take care of his child due to his rising fame and increasing resources.Judging from his mode of getting along with children in the video alone, Mingdao still lacks patience. Compared with Huang Yi, this lack of patience is even more obvious.Ming Dao’s career in the past two years is not so smooth.When Zhang Ting’s career took off, Mingdao attended his company’s events and interacted closely with female fans, and intimate photos of him and Zhang emerged.After zhang Ting’s company was investigated, Mingdao was also exposed for using other people’s ideas without signing a contract to pay for them, and the brand was a special brand opened by Zhang.Then a friend revealed that Ming Dao was deeply affected by this matter.However, these messages have not been positive response, also slowly passed.Did not expect that just in the past not long, Ming Dao to the child star angry video spread out, but also live shooting.From the video, just upgraded to the father of wisdom, communication with children is obviously lacking, coupled with the career twists and turns, patience is very little.The little girl in the video seems to be about six years old. After mingtao went out, Huang Yi communicated with the child patiently, and the child listened to her. Finally, the shooting was successfully completed.It is difficult to say who is right and who is wrong in this matter. Everyone looks at the problem from different standpoint, and it is inevitable that there will be differences. However, if such a thing as swearing is true, it looks very bad.After all, people should pay attention to etiquette in the process of communication. You can go out with a black face or be fierce, but swear words should be avoided as far as possible.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.