The Plan for the Construction of the National Public Legal Service System (2021-2025) has been released, with young people and women as key service targets

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China Education News – China Education News (reporter Gao Yizhe) The Ministry of Justice issued a notice on the construction Plan of the National Public Legal Service System (2021-2025) recently.The plan makes it clear that migrant workers, the disabled, the elderly, teenagers, women, military personnel and their families, and retired military personnel will be the key targets of public legal services.The plan lists major goals for the 14th Five-Year Plan period, including promoting the implementation of the legal aid law.We will establish and improve legal aid institutions, ensure that all legal aid institutions at and above the county level are covered, and ensure that legal aid institutions are staffed to effectively fulfill their state responsibilities.We will implement national standards for basic public services, strengthen quality supervision, improve supporting systems, improve the legal aid service standard system, and establish a sound evaluation index system.The plan is clear and focuses on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of special groups.Migrant workers, the disabled, the elderly, young people, women, military personnel and their families, and retired military personnel will be targeted for public legal services.We will expand the scope of legal aid in light of the level of economic and social development.Implement the provisions of the Legal Aid Law on expanding the scope of disabled recipients and exempting them from financial hardship and financial hardship verification.We will strengthen publicity of the rule of law for special groups and guide the people to protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal means.Lawyers’ associations, notary associations and forensic experts’ associations have formulated and improved public service systems, and guided legal service institutions in establishing a sound system and mechanism for reducing or exempting service fees for special groups.We will strengthen service guidance for special groups, and establish a database of typical cases of public legal services according to the different characteristics of various groups.We will improve the barrier-free environment of public legal service centers and institutions, and establish green express lanes or provide door-to-door services when conditions permit.To adapt to the characteristics and needs of the elderly, the disabled and ethnic minorities and their needs for legal aid, we will improve the barrier-free functions of the legal service network, and provide big-print versions for the elderly, voice versions for the visually disabled and language versions for ethnic minorities based on actual needs.Author: Gao Yizhe