Yunnan will use 3 years to build 100 billion yuan new energy battery industry

2022-06-14 0 By

Kunming as well – Reporter yi-jan wang on April 6, general office of the people’s government of yunnan province has released the new energy battery industry development in yunnan province three years action plan (2022-2024) “(hereinafter referred to as the” action plan “), made it clear that will be over 3 years of development, formed a group of prominent superiority, complete industrial chain of new energy battery production and research and development,The new energy battery industry has become an important power source for the integrated development of green energy and advanced manufacturing in Our province, and for the significant increase of industrial added value in the proportion of regional GDP.The Action Plan makes it clear that by 2022, the output value will reach 20 billion yuan and the scale of the new energy battery industry will be further expanded.By 2023, it will achieve an output value of 50 billion yuan. New energy battery industry projects will be built in large quantities and the industrial chain will continue to improve.By 2024, the key materials industry of new energy batteries will expand significantly, with a production capacity of 1 million tons of cathode materials, 500,000 tons of cathode materials, 1.5 billion square meters of battery diaphragm, 200,000 tons of electrolyte, 90,000 tons of copper foil, 50GWh of power batteries and energy storage batteries, and 200,000 tons of green recycling of batteries.The output value of the whole industry chain of new energy batteries exceeded 100 billion yuan.In addition, by 2024, the whole life cycle industry chain of new energy battery will be basically completed, and the supply capacity of precursors, raw materials and auxiliary materials of new energy battery materials will be steadily improved.The network layout of battery recycling, disposal and dismantling is reasonable, the whole life cycle supervision of new energy batteries is realized, and 1 or 2 battery recycling and utilization demonstration projects are built.Will also be a batch of provincial-level key laboratories and engineering research center, built a national new energy battery industry research institute, built two has the domestic leading level of new energy battery materials technology research and development and testing center, built a new energy battery forward-looking technology research and development platform, build a provincial new energy battery industry association.According to the Action Plan, we should combine the advantages of mineral resources such as phosphorus, lithium, nickel, manganese, copper and aluminum in Our province, and focus on cultivating the whole industrial chain of lithium iron phosphate battery cathode materials represented by “phosphoric acid-lithium carbonate — lithium iron phosphate — energy storage or power battery — cascade comprehensive utilization”.Support “battery grade manganese salt – ternary precursor – ternary cathode material – new energy vehicle power battery – cascade comprehensive utilization” represented by the ternary battery cathode material industry chain to accelerate the development.In the aspect of regional development, the key support in kunming yuxi city (district) in yunnan, qujing city, into a domestic first-class new energy battery industry base, the formation of each have emphasize particularly on, characteristic of industrial cluster, push kunming yuxi city (district) in yunnan, qujing city, dislocation, city development and differentiation in states such as layout, realize the industry agglomeration.In terms of green, low-carbon and circular development, the action plan stresses the importance of strictly observing the ecological red line, protecting the ecological environment and promoting green industrial development.We will accelerate the establishment of a new energy battery recycling and utilization system with the participation of the government, enterprises and society, support and guide enterprises to actively participate in the recycling and utilization of new energy batteries, and standardize the construction and operation of new energy battery recycling service outlets.We will promote pilot recycling and utilization of low-speed electric vehicles, 5G base stations, data center power supplies and other battery related cascade utilization fields, and explore the formation of market-based recycling and utilization models that are technically economical and resource-friendly.