China’s speed skating team won a gold medal, and Intel’s innovative technology helped the development of sports

2022-06-15 0 By

Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500m speed skating gold medal in 34.32 seconds at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 12, setting a new Olympic record in the event and adding to the Chinese team’s victory.With the continuous expansion of intelligent technology applications, sports have also made more breakthroughs with the help of technology. Intel has assisted the scientific training of China’s speed skating team with 3DAT (THREE-DIMENSIONAL athlete tracking) technology.”I am very glad that Intel’s 3DAT technology has brought more scientific and efficient training technology to the national team and helped the Scientific training of Chinese athletes.Today, technology and sports are increasingly intertwined.Intel has a full range of software and hardware technologies, and we want to empower sports with the power of technology to help athletes achieve better results.Intel will continue to innovate and bring more leading technologies to sports to help them flourish.”Intel Beijing Olympic Project office general manager Zhao Hong said.3DAT technology extracts athlete’s skeleton, muscle shape and motion trajectory from standard video source, reconstructs athlete’s 2d and 3D skeletal motion posture and trajectory model, and generates biomechanical data, and outputs sports performance analysis while building the model.On the basis of precise analysis of movement posture, aggregation of movement data, coaches can sort out and put forward scientific training plans and professional strategies under the support of 3DAT technology, effectively improve training efficiency, help athletes release sports potential, improve competitive performance, is an important technology to promote the development of sports.Biomechanics is really the study of structural functional motion, and I think it’s the golden key to understanding how to maximize your leverage, what your body can do, what your body is capable of.We can now use four 4K cameras to quickly capture something that’s not traditional, and recreate the structure of the body, and recreate the bones, the lines, the joints, and present them to me in a form that I can understand.On the basis of analyzing movements and movement tracks, the system can also process, verify, count and analyze complex and huge training data in several seconds, generate bone analysis reports and charts, provide detailed overview for coaches and make more scientific training plans.As speed skating combines speed and precision, the efficiency of data transmission and precision of presentation are also critical.3 dat technology can support 1080 p, 4 k, such as quality, and faster than the 100 frames per second to decode, support multiple video synchronization acquisition and multi-channel video in the subsequent data processing in the process of synchronous processing, multi-channel video generated 3 d profile data, etc., let the athletes gain a better understanding of their own actions and trajectory, more targeted training,To improve performance.Kristin Collins, international sports expert, sports performance technology and innovation expert, expressed her preference for 3DAT technology:”It’s critical to maximise the performance of the body, and with just four 4K cameras we’ve been able to break through the constraints of the traditional environment, capture the overall movement and reshape the body, and ultimately capture the information in a form that’s easy to understand.”In addition to 3DAT technology, Intel’s 5G+ cloud broadcasting, 360°8K VR and other broadcasting technologies also provide feasible solutions and services for the broadcasting system of large-scale sports events, providing the audience with clearer and more real-time “immersive” watching experience, and creating intelligent sports events with scientific and technological innovation as the background.As a technology leader, Intel will continue to rely on in the aspect of software, the chip and platform of the depth and breadth of unique advantages, help athletes on the field to create the accomplishments of “higher, faster stronger”, hand in hand with more partners to apply innovative technology not only a wide range of sports events, also applied to all aspects of people’s life, work, entertainment,To pursue our mission: to create world-changing technologies for the benefit of every person on the planet.